Easy Step by Step Process for Design a Game Box Insert Using Cardboard

By Travis Johnson
Oct. 17, 2019

The inserts in the game boxes are of key importance in holding the toys and playful products packaged in them. They are similarly important as the boxes themselves as they provide full support to keep the packed toys and games original and protected from damages and other transportation or environmental aspects that can harm their functionality. Designing such inserts could be more fun than stress and anxiety. Self-made inserts could be more authentic and useful in comparison to ready-made ones.

Game Box Inserts Designing process:

Here we are going to elaborate the step by step designing process for such inserts that will surely help you in making your own effectively. By following steps, you can craft inserts for every sort of packaging container without any specific hassle.

1. Material collection

The first and most important step for the formation of inserts for the packages for Custom Game Boxes is the collection of the best quality materials. For inserts designing you will require materials like foam core sheets in 5mm thickness, self-healing cutting mat, the metal ruler with cork back, cutter, glue, and dressmaker pins. Low-quality materials could not serve the purpose perfectly so make sure that you have collected the required materials in the best possible quality.

2. Estimation of size and dimensions:

After the collection of the required elements, measuring the dimensions and size of the boxes for which you are going to design inserts is of much importance. So get the accurate measurements of all the components of the box and the required size of the inserts so that in the next steps you can easily craft out the desired elements for perfect product packaging. According to the size of the toys and gaming elements, the measurements of place and required inserts will help you to make a perfect match for your boxes. Inaccurate measurements may cause waste of the materials and time so be focused during taking measurements.

3. Draw your insert design:

Once you are done with taking the measurements, now you can place your core foam sheet on the self-healing cutting mate to draw your insert designs according to the measurements and the needs of the respective container. Once you are determined to your design, now draw it on the foam core. Make sure that you have drawn all the required pieces according to the needs of your anticipated insert design, before going on to the next step, as missing even a single piece could make all the process tressful.

4. Cut the required pieces:

Once you are done with the drawing of insert design on the foam core, now make cuts according to the design with soft hands in order to avoid any kind of material loss. Use a sharp cutter to cut the foam core in three to four attempts. Make sure that each piece has been cut in the accurate shape neatly.

5. Make joints:

In case your foam core sections crisscross you will need to make joints. For making perfect joints cut notches on the bottom of one piece and the top of the other and slide them to gather. For making it easier, you can remember to cut notches on the bottom of the horizontal pieces and on the vertical pieces; cuts will be made on the top.

6. Label each piece:

After completing the cutting process, make sure that you have labelled each piece according to the insert design. Otherwise, there might be confusion in the assembling of these inserts for the game boxes. For making it easy to remember the purpose of every piece you can write it on a paper for perfect assembling.

7. Assemble in the game box:

Once you are done with making and labelling each and every required piece of inserts, now it is time to assemble them in the game boxes wholesale and enhance their productivity and usefulness furthermore. For attaching them permanently to the boxes, you can use high-quality glue if other adhesives that will keep these pieces sticking to the respective boxes for a long time and will help the packages to serve their purpose very best.


The formation or designing of the inserts for a game box with the help of this step by step process becomes much easy. Boxes without inserts considered a dull packaging solution that can not handle the packed items perfectly. Specifically, when it comes to the packaging of fragile and precious breakable products their need becomes greater and businesses exclusively pay attention to the inserts quality before selecting any packaging solution. Through the described designing and developing a process of the inserts, one can easily fulfil his need for inserts for authentic packaging solutions for their merchandises. If you are running a business of products like toys and games, this technique could provide you with the opportunity to assemble your packaging outfits in the desired quality at cheaper costs.