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Sep. 23, 2019

In Garcinia Vita UK daily menu, you can safely include a separate meal: - vegetable puree soups (30-50 kcal per 100 gr.); - omelet from a mixture of eggs and milk (120 kcal); - 100 gr. boiled chicken breast (113 kcal) or other lean meat; - low-fat cottage cheese. What combinations should I refuse? From raw and pickled vegetables and fruits containing coarse fiber. Their combination with pearl barley can become an unbearably stiff brush for Garcinia Vita UK intestines, provoking abdominal pain. Caution with white ("late") and red-headed cabbage, carrots, radishes, beets, radishes, pears, apple peels, parsley. For Garcinia Vita UK same reason - from pulp juices, bran, dried fruits and black bread. From any dairy products to which acidophilus starter is added. Pearl barley fiber already causes increased gas formation. In combination with “live” kefir or yogurt, it swells Garcinia Vita UK stomach and can cause embarrassment. Garcinia Vita UK unloading diet on pearl barley does not cause hunger, does not require a monotonous repetition of Garcinia Vita UK same dishes, which is overwhelming. It is so easily perceived that a healthy diet imperceptibly becomes Garcinia Vita UK norm. In porridge, you can add a little milk or fruit, dried fruit. Use sugar, salt and butter very sparingly, but rather do without them. Add a slice of cottage cheese to Garcinia Vita UK porridge - 30 grams, or 50 g of cottage cheese or a boiled egg. Drink - tea without sugar or unsweetened berry juice. Second breakfast: fruit and some nuts (20-30 g) or fruit and a glass of sour-milk drink. Lunch: soup on low-fat broth with vegetables - borscht, cabbage soup or just vegetable soup, then vegetable salad, 100-120 g of chicken or meat and 1-2 pieces of bread, a drink. Snack: a loaf of cheese. Dinner: steam or baked fish with stewed vegetables (or steamed). Before going to bed: a glass of kefir. If you workout in Garcinia Vita UK morning, then eat a banana in front of it, a piece of bread with bran, dried fruits, and after class - green tea, lettuce and only after 1.5-2 hours - a full meal. This menu is an approximation; Garcinia Vita UK set of products may vary.

Garcinia Vita UK main thing is that it is built into Garcinia Vita UK very pyramid of proper nutrition. Breakfast, lunch and dinner during Garcinia Vita UK week For breakfast, it is permissible to eat omelets, cereals, curds and yoghurts, fruits. Lunch can be without soup - vegetables (salad, stew) and meat, chicken or fish. At work or school, a sandwich on a bread roll with low-fat turkey ham and a portion of salad will help out. You can and should take Garcinia Vita UK right food to work with you, and in no case pay attention to ridicule and misunderstanding of colleagues. Let them think what they want. But you know that being slim and healthy is much better than eating fatty meatball cutlets and having at least ten extra kilos. For dinner - fish or cottage cheese dishes, fruits or vegetables - after heat treatment, between meals - sour-milk products, fruits, grain breads, granola, nuts. Kefir before bedtime is not only tasty, but also very useful, it cleanses Garcinia Vita UK body and helps to reduce weight. It is easy to sustain such nutrition, it is balanced, Garcinia Vita UK main thing is to overcome yourself psychologically. This is not a diet for a week, this is an example of how to always eat. Want to lose weight - do not give up complex carbohydrates (vegetables) and protein (meat, fish, eggs, milk), they are necessary for Garcinia Vita UK body. Just choose lean meats, skinless chicken, and low-fat dairy products. Also, do not completely give up fats. Once a week you can arrange a fasting day, provided that you have no contraindications and you are not going to fully compensate for it Garcinia Vita UK next day. On a fasting day, it will be useful to go to Garcinia Vita UK bathhouse and perform exercises from yoga. Slimming exercises During this amazing week you should do it for 20-30 minutes daily or three times a week for an hour, that is, at least 3 hours a week. Daily exercise should consist of exercises for all muscle groups. Here is one of my working complexes: Warm up (walking on Garcinia Vita UK spot, inclines, turns or basic steps from aerobics, swinging arms, etc.) 3-5 minutes. Squats 3 sets of 50 times, you can do less. Lunges - 3 sets of 15-20 times per leg. Swing legs on his side. Do 3 sets on each leg 20 times. "Scissors" lying on your back. Try to keep your legs straight, do not bend your knees. Push-ups from Garcinia Vita UK floor from Garcinia Vita UK knees or straight legs, do Garcinia Vita UK same three sets 10 to 15 times. Put your hands wider to better work out your chest muscles. "Scissors" hands.