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Club America bounces back in win over Monarcas Morelia

By GHernandezRimer
Feb. 06, 2017

Club America, coming off of an embarrassing loss to Cora F.C. in COPA MX, sunk relegation candidate Monarcas Morelia 2-0 as newcomer Celcilio Dominguez continued his scoring streak.

Ricardo La Volpe, who has been recently criticized by Aguilas fans, started the game with four in the back – thus changing his typical, conservative five in the back game plan. In the early minutes of the game Club America showed strong defensive organization and kept good possession of the ball. Samudio, who was playing left back, made a lot of aggressive runs and was involved in a few early opportunities for Club America. As the half progressed, America still controlled the game and withheld Monarcas to uninspiring counter attacks. Two players who really struggled the first half were the forwards, Peralta and Romero. Neither of the two could end up capitalizing from Dominguez or Ibarra’s well-placed crosses. Towards the end of the half, we saw Monarcas start to play better and created a great shooting opportunity that was stopped by an acrobatic save from Marchesin.

The second half began, and we continued to see Dominquez attack players one on one, and saw threatening pace from Ibarra on the outsides. In the 63rd minute there was a must-needed substitution for Peralta, who continued to struggle and lose the ball frequently. Quintero came on in his place and immediately looked more explosive than Peralta.

In the 69th minute Club America strikes gold after a one-two combination play from Romero to Quintero creates a rebounding shot off the goalkeeper. As the ball rebounds off of the goalkeeper, Dominquez instinctively follows the ball and taps it in the net for the first goal of the game.

As the 76th minute passes, recently called up youngster Alvarez replaces Romero. Similar to what Quintero did, Alvarez made an immediate impact on the game. In the 83rd minute Quintero explodes into the box and finds a wide-open Alvarez who swiftly hits the ball into the corner of the goal.

The game ended 2-0, and La Volpe could finally breathe. I believe this game was much needed for Club America, but these are the type of results are what Americanistas expect.

Player of the game: Cecilio Dominquez

Honorable mention: Ibarra, Quintero, Alvarez, Da Silva