A Change of Heart in Sports?

I know this may step on a few toes in the process of reading this but bare with me. Your favorite NFL players are fake. Hop-ons. Phony. Switch-ups. Whatever you want to call it, that's what they are, plain and simple. Now before you go on a tirade in the comments or turn off the computer let me tell you why.

For those who don't know about the Colin Kaepernick issue please crawl out from the rock you're living under and please keep up! It's sports for crying out loud. Nevertheless, Kaep was a NFL starting quarterback who played for the 49ers and had a breakout season where he led his team to the Super Bowl and played against the Ravens back in 2013. Although, he wasn't the most accurate quarterback he certainly had some talent in his arm and his legs. In late May, this year Kaep opted out of his contract, even though the 49ers said they planned on releasing him anyway if he hadn't. During the off-season Kaep became a public figure in standing up for equal rights in the NFL, and that severely hurt his chances of staying on a team. Some teams claimed he wasn't talented enough, but others said he just had too much going on and they don't want all that publicity or attention that comes with him playing on your team. Whether Kaep was speaking publicly or refusing to respect the National Anthem no NFL players stood by him from the jump. In my opinion, he's pretty much the opposite of Johnny Manziel, based on the way teams just prefer to not have a guy on their team because of their public image.

Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports
Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Now, there are hundreds of great NFL players, people who could put their job on the line, but chose not to. As a player I would be completely embarrassed, to have one guy suffer for as many months as he did, being singled out by NFL teams, having talent, but still not being signed, because of his views? And now, all of a sudden the league decides now we want to support him, stand up for what's right. Um, wake-up call, where was this last year? Where was this when minority kids were being gunned down left and right? It seems like the NFL made a group chat the night before and posted a vote of who was in and who was out for kneeling during the anthem and after a few people wanted in, it became the "trendy" thing to do. I respect players for leading and setting the example, not following them.

Congratulations, you took a stand, but after the NBA paved the way. Also, over the weekend, there was a "Twitter War" between notable NBA players and Donald Trump. It started with Warriors guard, Stephen Curry, being hesitant in accepting the White Houses offer to visit as all NBA/NFL players who win championships do the following year after winning a title. During the morning of September 23rd Trump tweeted,

"Going to the White House is considered a great honor for a championship team. Stephen Curry is hesitating, therefore invitation is withdrawn!"

Now, even though the two have are competitors on-court Curry and LeBron have morals and know right from wrong. So when LeBron saw this tweet he jumped right into action by responding with,

This response garnered 650,000 "retweets" and 1.5 million likes. Even though we've seen these two amazing athletes go toe-to-toe with each other these guys know when its' time to take a stand. The NBA set the bar for what's expected out of major athletes in the sports arena this weekend. And I'm glad the NFL is finally stepping up to the plate to continue with the effort. After seeing the NFL players "disgrace" the anthem Trump also put out a statement calling the players "sons of b****es" to which Curry and teammate Draymond Green responded to as well. Aside from all the crazy scores and upsets, this week in sports has been hectic. NFL players, the ball is in your court now.

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