Clay Slated For Game 3

As if playoff baseball couldn't get any more insane, here comes John Farrell with the boldest move of the season, announcing Clay Buchholz will start Game 3 of the ALDS. This, if it comes down to it, could decide the season for the Sox. Buckle up.

A literal roller coaster of a season has been a nightmare and a half for Boston. After that May 26 game, where Buchholz was took yard three times in five innings, he was demoted to the bullpen. The role would soon allow him to regain his confidence, one inning at a time. This is especially notable since he mustered a 1.07 ERA in his last six bullpen appearances in the middle of the summer, and would also would be able to pitch in relief in a winner-take-all Game 5. Once again, buckle up. 

For all that comes down, must at some point come up, and it has definitley been an up lately for Clay. The man has earned his way back into the Red Sox trusted pitching group, and it will be known whether he's legit or not come Game Three against the Cleveland Indians. It's either 7 strong, or 7 runs allowed. 

Don't you just love playoff baseball?