NBA Top 100 Players of 2017: #100-91

By hcostats
Sep. 23, 2016

Here are my rankings of the top 100 best players in the NBA for the 2016-17 season.  I will be posting this series daily.  Enjoy!

100 Evan Turner (SG Portland Trail Blazers): The former second-overall pick will start his first year in Portland after spending the last 2 seasons in Boston.  You can expect 10 points and 5 rebounds from him night in and night out off the bench, along with high defensive energy.

Evan Turner

99 Kris Dunn (PG Minnesota Timberwolves): Dunn was selected 5th overall in this year's draft, and he is a big-time talent that Wolves' fans should expect to see produce immediately.  He may even end up competing for the starting job if Minnesota trades Ricky Rubio or just decides to let Dunn get the experience early.

Kris Dunn

98 Luol Deng (SF Los Angeles Lakers): The Lakers will mostly be using Deng as a veteran presence on a very young team, but he will still put up around 12 points and 6 boards on a regular basis.  His minutes will likely be inconsistent, depending on how early the Lakers want to start Brandon Ingram.

Luol Deng

97 Kenneth Faried (PF Denver Nuggets): Kenneth Faried, also known as "The Manimal," always brings high energy to the court.  He is a very efficient player, posting a PER of 21.06 last season.  Denver has some young emerging stars that will take some of his production away, but he is a very team-oriented player so it shouldn't be an issue for him.

Kenneth Faried

96 Wesley Matthews (SG Dallas Mavericks): Wes Matthews put up bench-like numbers last year despite being a starter.  He did improve as the year went on, but only had a PER of 10.91.  With Chandler Parsons no longer on the team, he will need to step up offensively.

Wesley Matthews

95 Clint Capela (PF Houston Rockets): Clint Capela is one of the best players you've probably never heard of.  He uses every inch of his 6'10" frame to be a shot blocking machine.  He started 35 games for Houston last year, and he should be a regular in the starting rotation this year.

Clint Capela

94 Ed Davis (PF Portland Trail Blazers): After bouncing around the league for the first 5 years of his career, Ed Davis seems to have found a solid home coming off the bench for Portland.  He posted 9 double-doubles last year despite not starting a single game all year.

Ed Davis

93 JJ Redick (SG Los Angeles Clippers): The longer JJ Redick plays, the better he gets at scoring.  Last year he shot 48% from the field and an insane 47.5% for 3.  Both of those numbers were career-highs for the 32-year-old sharpshooter.  He is an amazing shooter, but his all-around game keeps him from being an even bigger threat.

JJ Redick

92 Marcin Gortat (C Washington Wizards): Marcin Gortat shot a career-high 56.7% from the field last year to go along with his stellar defensive play.  He often goes unnoticed in Washington's offensive game, but he is a very key component, and the man is a walking double-double.

Marcin Gortat

91 Rudy Gobert (C Utah Jazz): Rudy Gobert showed tremendous improvement last season, grabbing 11 rebounds and swatting over 2 shots a game.  Utah plans on making the playoffs this year, and Gobert is a big part of that plan.  If he can improve his scoring to 11 or 12 points per game, he will be a scary force on both ends of the floor.

Rudy Gobert