The Difference Between Fastpitch and Slow Pitch Bats

If you are interested in softball, you have probably heard the terms fastpitch and slow pitch before. You may be wondering what the difference really is and why there is specific equipment for each style.

By not knowing the distinction between the two, your trip to a sporting goods store or shopping online for fastpitch or Slow Pitch Bats can become challenging. You don’t want to assume just any bat will do when you are buying ahead of a new softball season.

The main difference between fastpitch and slow pitch softball is the pitching technique. In fastpitch, pitchers usually use a windmill technique to pitch, starting at the hips and making a full rotation with their shoulder before releasing the ball. This can lead to pitch velocities as high as 60 mph.

In slow pitch, the pitching motion is a standard underhand throw, with the shoulder rotating halfway and no higher than shoulder-height. In fastpitch, pitchers make it a goal to pitch for strikeouts. In slow pitch, the goal is soft contact that leads to easy outs.

With a different style of pitching, the offensive approach changes between the two styles of softball. In fastpitch, it is a common strategy to bunt, slash and play for singles to advance baserunners, so there are very few power hits. In slow pitch, power hitting is often the common strategy for success.

There is no real distinction in fastpitch or slow pitch bats by length. Both types of softball leagues require bats that are no longer than 34 inches. The difference is in the weight. Fastpitch bats can have a maximum weight of 22 ounces or drop ratio of -12. Conversely, slow pitch bats are usually heavier bats, though no heavier than 38 ounces, designed to get more power in the swing for more powerful contact to deliver line drives and home runs.

Additionally, slow pitch softball is very much a type of softball made for everyone. You will see people of all ages and all skill levels playing in friendly competition. You will also see very competitive leagues and tournaments, but there is a league for all skill sets.

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