How To Stay Healthy Being A NBA Player

By Beenish Vafaqani
Mar. 03, 2020

Basketball is a high intensity, an intermittent sport that requires both mental acuity and physical agility. Energy demands of a basketball player are higher to those involved in other sports, especially during the seasons. They are recommended to plan tier diet carefully and not to add food that can increase their fats consumption. They need to opt for intakes that can level up the energy needed to win a game and to respond quickly to the hurdles a player has to overcome to win.

All About The NBA Players Fitness Secret

If you think an obsession with McDonald's is going to help you achieve big athletic goals in life then you are sorely mistaken. Learn about the healthiest lifestyle of an NBA player and get your fitness plan from the Medical center in Dubai.

Early Birds

The NBA players wake up at 7 AM to keep their mind fresh and enlightened with positivity. They let their brain gets waken up properly to plan out their day.


They opt for a healthy breakfast, which is full of nutrients. Proteins and carbs are the most important nutrients for them. Moreover, eggs help in keeping yourself away from ready-to-eat meals.


After taking a break for almost an hour, the players get on with their workout session. They do not go for muscle -building exercises rather opt for cardiovascular practices where they strengthen themselves from their core.

Lunch and Dinner

The NBA players do not skip any meal. They prefer eating salads and shakes in the lunchtime and a proper meal in the night. They choose grilled meat, which is full of essential nutrients or fresh fruits to fulfil their cravings for something sweet.

Sleeping Cycle

They strongly believe that one must sleep early as well. If they stay sleep deprive their brain will not be able to work with the acuity and smartness required. A dull brain cannot think properly let alone taking good decisions.

The Calorie Consumption Needed

According to the research, the football player who has a 90 minutes training session every day should consume around 23 calories/pound of his body weight. Similarly, when it's about fluid needs, one must make sure to stay hydrated.You need to drink at least half a cup during every single break you take throughout your training session. Around 3 hours before the training begins you must consume at least 3 cups of water. When you get involved in the sport, your body temperature rises, it releases sweat and gets exhausted. To lessen the consequences you can keep it hydrated and give it the energy it requires.

Fitness Plan of LeBron James- The Greatest NBA Player Of All Time

"I had no sugars, no dairy. I had no carbs. All I ate was meat, fish, veggies, and fruit. That’s it. For 67 straight days.’- James LeBron

James is undoubtedly the greatest football player with his quick responses, perfectly maintained health, and unbeatable stamina.So, what is his secret to living such a healthy and perfect lifestyle and achieving promising victories?

Things He Eats

James avoid dairy, sugar, soft drink, orifical ingredients, high fat food and hydrogenated fats. Moreover, the main ingredients in his dietary plan include lean protein, veggies, fish, turkey, shrimps, shrimps, olive oil, lemon juice, nuts, squash, zucchini, and lobster along with low carb fruits that includes berries. James opts for carb-rich food that improves his metabolism and physical agility.

LeBron James’s Fitness Routine

James LeBron has a 7-day fitness plan that includes his training sessions to jogging and cardiovascular exercises as well. However, the best part of your fitness plan is how he takes rest within the week and plans something that refreshes him. He usually takes Wednesday free to indulge in other socializing activities.

Bike Ride

James does not run on treadmill instead he goes on a bike ride uphill that helps to boost his stamina. Riding on an uneven ground exerts more power and requires balancing techniques. These two factors contribute to increasing the overall stamina.