XFL Xpantion Teams: What If?

Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports
Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Week Two of the XFL is underway. Ratings were good, social media-hyped, attendance was full, merchandise is selling out online, and national media has positive reviews.

Let's be hypothetical. Say the XFL succeeds with its quality play, viewership engagements, and city's willingness to pay and watch these teams. Do eight teams suffice?

The highest-rated city for television for week one was Cleveland, Ohio. A city without any organic stake in the league, yet a town and state that loves football; after all, just 40 miles away is where the sport was born.

So let's have some fun. Let's say the league is SUPER SUCCESSFUL and needs to expand. The first thought of expansion is the mathematical structure. Right now there are eight teams, if you were to add one, you need to add two. One in the west and in the east. This would then become a 10 city league. Let's play with some possibilities of expansion.

We will focus on three points:

1. City - Identify three legitimate football and potential markets in the XFL's east and west divisions. Which city is suitable?n What makes this market "Football Special"?

The geography of the cities will be selected on spacial marketing to established XFL teams I.E., Kansas City will not be included because St. Louis is 250miles away. Philadelphia or Miami will not be included for the same reason as the Vipers or Defenders. We will optimize locations for the best market spreads.

2. Stadiums- Right now XFL "Packed House" attendance is in the 17,000 to 20,000 ranger. According to week one's ticket sales. What cities have the most optimal XFL attendance venues? Stadium attendance will be rated between 1-10 depending on location and attendance potential that is beneficial to the broadcast.

3. Team Names- This is the fun thought; what would the teams' name be and why based on location, culture, or history?

DISCLAIMER: I am not from any of these cities. The names and stadiums are only generated from online research.



Cleveland had the highest week one XFL TV ratings, and they do not even have any stake in the games or league.

The the home of football, and Ohio loves the sport they practically invented.

Stadium Rating- 8, First Energy Stadium. Because its Cleveland, size may hurt, but this town loves football.

Thoughtful Names- Dawgs, Pounders, Fame, Brutes. Legends.

The names are derived from the historical Dawg Pound, and the fact they are the closest to the football Hall of Fame and football legends.The Ohio Buckeyes with has Brutas for a mascot.

Expansion Rating: 8


This is one of America's fastest-growing cities in sports, population, infrastructure, and economy. A football town just recently coming off of one win from the Super Bowl and hosting the 2019 NFL Draft, drawing about 600k fans.

Stadium Rating- 7, if it can be partnered with the 2021 MLS stadium featuring the already approved Nashville Gold, however only a 5 if its at Nissan because of the NFL size.

Thoughtful Names- Music, Rax, Racoons, TriStars.

The names come from the nation's capital of country music, the state's animal "Raccoon" or the flag on the three stars. A proud symbol for most Tennesseans.

Expansion Rating: 4


The beauty of this city is merely that--beauty. This is a very transient market for football. Geographically this market covers both Carolinas, southeast Kentucky, and eastern Tennessee. A market in love with multiple college football programs, and just like Nashville, a growing population. It also is a beautiful bridge between northern and southern XFL fanbases.

Stadium Ratings-9, American Legion holds an easy XFL sellout potential of 15k and has a nested downtown backdrop to Charlotte. University North Carolina Jerry Richardson Stadium also has 17k wish is very doable for XFL attendance and ticket sales.

Thoughtful Names- Cougars, Blue, Revolution, Flight.

The names can be noticed as an association with the Panthers for the Cougars--sticking with the feline theme. Carolina Blue is a well known and proud color of the states. The Revolution comes from the intricate role the sates played in the success of the American revolution with England. The Flight comes from the famous Wrigley Bros. being the first in Flight.

Expansion Rating- 6



The American north region needs some XFL. It has always had a hardcore following for the sport of football. The NFL Vikings are always so close to keeping the fans hopeful, so the XFL may give them a little more to chew on.

Stadium Ratings- 6, TCF Bank Stadium, is right in the heart of the twin cities. It seats up to 50k with is a little steep for XFL attendance but could be doable if the league grows enough for expansion. Sells out to this size may be possible depending on how well the league does. Seattle sold 30k tickets before its first home game.

Thoughtful Names- Nordics, Freeze, Skoal, Hunters

The Nordics come from the region of American Nordic ancestry. The freeze obviously comes from the

North's natural cold. However, it is spring football.

The Twin City Skoal pays tribute to the Nordics and Vikings. The Hunters come from the north proud culture of wildlife gaming.

Expansion Rating- 7


Another big market for football and can bridge fanbases across the midwest to the west. It can include fanbases from Colorado, Iowa, Idaho, Utah, western Kansas, and Nevada. A historic football town, rich with sports history.

Stadium Ratings- 7, The Pepsi Center is indoors and holds up to 17k, which again is perfect for XFL fans. Arena football was played here, and the field is smaller, so some seating adjustments may be made. There is Coors Field and Empower Field, but this may be a little too much seating. Again if the XFL is expanding, then that means it is successful, and that probably includes ticket sales.

Thoughtful Names- Blizzard, MileMen, Pioneers, Rapids.

The Blizzard comes from the Rocky Mountain weather, but it is spring football. The MileMen derive from the city's altitude. The Pioneers comes from the state's historic western settlement expansion history. And the Rapids are a thought from the mighty Colorado River.

Expansion Rating- 7


This is an absolute NO BRAINER. A longstanding and passionate fanbase that has recently been scorned by generational owners yet is still an elite football fanbase. Fans have watched their Raiders with loyalty knowing the team has been a means to an end since 2017, with the relocation to Las Vegas. This will be a crowd with a football vengeance, ready to pour their entertainment and sports hood dollar into the team and salivate while doing it.

Stadium Rating-8, Where else, but the Oakland Colesium. It does not matter that it is built for NFL attendance, tickets will sell. Regardless of the football played on the field.

Thoughtful Names- Avengers, Rage, Savages, Crush, Spikes, Monsters

Most of these names come from the fact the fans want revenge for a football town. The Avengers, retaliate the fact they lost their beloved Raiders. The Rage reminds us of how angry they are. The Savages reminds us how crazy and brutal they were as the Black Hole Nation. The California Crush displays the fact they want to flatten anybody that tries to challenge their football loyalty. The Spikes are a tribute to the Raider fans, and the Monsters are simple to put how these fans have been for 60 years.

Expansion Rating- 10

Other cities to consider: Chicago, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, San Diego, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.