Play Fantasy Football With These Apps for a Leg Up in Your League

By Harrison Miller
Dec. 17, 2018

Fantasy football might seem like a silly hobby to some, but it’s grown into a pop culture trend, leaving sports-lovers from all over looking forward to the start of the football season. Playing fantasy football takes the love of sports a step further, enabling rabid football fans to have an interactive experience during the games, even enabling some to make money in the process.

Casual viewers and die-hard fans alike play fantasy football. Whether you’re playing in a competitive league or in a fun league with friends, playing fantasy has never been easier than it is in 2018 thanks to the variety of apps that make it much simpler than seasons past. It’s so easy to keep up with player stats, projections, points, and games with the array of apps available for fans who play fantasy.

Finding the right fantasy football app for you comes with a bit of tinkering (yes, like your lineup). Some of the most popular apps include Yahoo! Fantasy Sports, FanDuel, and CBS Sports Fantasy. Choosing the best fantasy football app kind of depends on your goals and what you’re looking for from the app, so here are the top fantasy football apps to help you and the other estimated 60 million fans who play get started.

Yahoo! Fantasy

Yahoo is a household name with a massive news presence in more than just sports. The sports writers, news writers, and finance writers at Yahoo are some of the best. The Yahoo! Fantasy app is one of the first - meaning it was created early on in the game of fantasy sports. That’s right, you aren’t limited to fantasy football.

Another thing to keep in mind with Yahoo! Is that it integrates with Rotoworld… and that means you’ll be able to pour over more details about the guys on your team. Oh, yeah. And you can win some money.

ESPN Fantasy

For most football fans, this is the go-to app because it’s a one-stop shop for all things fantasy sports. The all-inclusive analysis includes videos, podcasts, articles and more. Most people comment the mobile app has made this one very user-friendly too.

NFL Fantasy

If you’re a DirecTV customer, this is probably the app you’ll be using because it works in sync with the NFL. It’s the official fantasy football service of the NFL, with quick news alerts that come directly from the source. Besides, it’s one of the most popular apps of the year overall.

CBS Sports Fantasy

The outstanding thing about CBS Sports’ Fantasy app is that for one thing - you can play other sports there as well - but the statistics, projections, player news, and rankings are pulled by reporters and commentators who work for CBS.


So maybe you don’t have a league you’re playing in or you didn’t really want to commit to every week. DraftKings is a fantasy football league option tons of people opt for, even though it’s pay-to-play. If you know the game and your players, there’s always a chance of winning big. Unlikely, but whatever. It’s fun.

Most fun things aren’t free.


Another pay-to-play option, FanDuel boasts being the best of the best when it comes to fantasy apps. While you might not make enough to afford the live - all you do is set your lineup and watch… and hopefully, win.

There’s a bit more creativity involved with FanDuel because you can create your own type of contest.

Here’s the upside: even if you don’t win this season, there’s always next.