Fantasy Football Predictions for the 2018-2019 Season (Defense and Kickers)

By Kyle Pereira
Aug. 21, 2018

Every Football season spells the end for friendship. Fantasy Football begins and it is a war between friends and family for bragging rights. So I'm here to give you my two cents in the hopes that you wind up on top this fantasy season.

Now I already know what you're thinking, This is the MOST interesting blog I've ever seen! because it's about the least important positions in Fantasy Football. Well here's my attempt to make it readable, don't worry, it'll be short. Here's last years Top 5:

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

2. Baltimore Ravens

3. Philadelphia Eagles

4. Los Angeles Rams

5. Los Angeles Chargers

Some surprises and some, not so much. The Jaguars have the best secondary in football (arguably), the Ravens defense is the only reason Baltimore nearly made playoffs, The Eagles made a big splash in about every area they could. The Rams defense broke out and are now one of the top defenses in the league. The Chargers young guns stood out and surprised a lot of people. But things have changed, at least in my opinion. So here's my prediction for next seasons top 5 Defenses in Fantasy Football:

1. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jalen Ramsey and AJ Bouye. 'Nuff said. These guys are super studs. Not to mention Myles Jack and Calais Campbell. Quick disclaimer: Ramsey is suspended week one, so keep that in mind. But it is only one week, so you shouldn't have to worry too much.

2. Los Angeles Rams

They added a great player to their already established young core. That player is Aqib Talib. I'm sure that they'll have another outstanding defensive year, however, they need to solve their contract situation with Aaron Donald, their number one guy, and arguably best defensive lineman in the league. That's the only concern I have, but a major one. If it is solved, then they should absolutely compete with Jacksonville as the number one defense in the league.

3. Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles were outstanding on both sides of the ball. I expect that to continue. The addition of Haloti Ngata adds even more depth to their defense, which had Chris Long coming off the bench last season. On top of that, they added even more D-Line depth with Michael Bennett. Outstanding depth for the defending champs. Expect them to be here, with no question marks like the Rams.

4. Denver Broncos

The Broncos lost Aqib Talib, yes. But they drafted Bradley Chubb, an outstanding exterior D-linemen, who will most certainly make a scary duo with Von Miller and Co. Plus, the Broncos added a capable QB in Case Keenum, and that will give the defense some resting time between drives, which certainly helps their case in being a top 5 defensive unit yet again. They are a scary looking defense.

5. Tennessee Titans

The Titans improved well on the defensive side of the ball this offseason with the addition of Malcolm Butler. Also, Tennessee's core is young and on the way up. With their offense also improving, it's just like the Broncos. With Baltimore's defensive stock dropping, along with the Chargers losing their best defensive player in Joey Bosa to injury, it's hard not putting Tennessee here in the top 5. They should at the very least be solid for your Fantasy team.

Now there are some teams who could surprise, that being the Patriots, who's offseason additions are overlooked by their losses, the Cleveland Browns, who aren't given much credit because of their 0-16 finish last season, and the New Orleans Saints, because they showed that they are a good unit, but is underrated by many. There are also a few teams who shouldn't be touched under any circumstances, those being the New York Jets, Cincinnati Bengals and the Buffalo Bills.

Now onto kickers, the best portion of the article! Here was last years top 5, and I promise I will make this as short as I can.

1. Greg Zeurlein (Los Angeles Rams)

2. Stephen Gostkowski (New England Patriots)

3. Robbie Gould (San Francisco 49ers)

4. Will Lutz (New Orleans Saints)

5. Matt Bryant (Atlanta Falcons)

Here's my top 5 for next year:

1. Greg Zeurlein

The Rams offense is good and gives him the best opportunities he can ask for as a kicker. He should remain on top this season.

2. Kai Forbath

Forbath wasn't top 5, but he was good last season with the Vikings. The Vikings offense, I believe, improved, and that should help Forbath's numbers.

3. Jake Elliot

Kid has a strong leg, but he has struggled with extra points recently. He's a bit of a risk, but he is still a heck of a kicker. His numbers will improve further once Wentz comes back from injury.

4. Stephen Gostkowski

He still remains one of the best kickers this league has to offer. However, he is aging and has missed a few field goals here and there at times. He drops a little bit, but he is still great at what he does.

5. Harrison Butker

Apart of a Chiefs team who has taken a step back this offseason, which raises concern. However, Matt Bryant, who would compete for this number 5 spot, has been dealing with an injury. Depending on Bryant's health and the performance of Chiefs new QB Patrick Mahomes, he could certainly be up here.

There really are no potential surprises or "Don't touch" kickers in fantasy, so this about wraps this brutal blog up. If you haven't already, check out my two other articles on fantasy football, and good luck!