3 Keys To Success; Montreal Canadiens

By Jacob Carmendy
Oct. 12, 2016

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

?As the NHL season kicks off, we will run a short series on what needs to happen for certain teams to have a successful 2016-17 season. 

?The Montreal Canadiens enter this season with expectations of making the playoffs after a disasteouros 2015-16 season. Here's what needs to happen in order to achieve success this year. 

?-Carey Price needs to stay healthy: 

Carey Price's injury last year was one big reason the team finished where they did, but the difference coming into this year is he will finally be healthy. The team will need him to stay healthy over a full season to avoid another finish at the bottom of the standings, because Price alone boosts the team's expectations. 

?-Shea Weber's impact on the ice: 

?Coming over in the blockbuster trade that sent PK Subban to Nashville, Weber is going to have to show that he can provide what Subban had when the Canadiens had him. It is key that Weber performs well as the defense picture beyond Weber is average at best. 

?-Chemistry is key: 

?We've heard nothing but drama from the Canadiens ever since the end of last year, and it continued throughout the offseason, ranging from the Subban situation to the Michel Therrien controversy, to the Max Pacioretty rumors that Michel Therrien said he was the worst captain in the NHL(of course those reports may have not been true). Regardless, both coaches and players must get along and be on the same page if this team wants to succeed this season.