Hampus Lindholm For Jacob Trouba?

By Jacob Carmendy
Oct. 07, 2016

?The Anaheim Ducks and Winnipeg Jets are  currently in similar situations, neither have their top defenseman signed as the season nears. In Trouba's situation, he has requested a trade from the Jets, as he has become beyond frustrated with the way contract talks have become with his team. In Lindholm's situation, he has not shown up to camp as he and the Ducks have yet to come to terms on a contract for the season. Both want long-term deals on their next contracts, respectively, so how about a speculative trade scenario involving the two young talented defenseman. 

Say the Jets try to find a taker for Trouba in the coming days, the Ducks would be an intriguing fit due to the fact that Winnipeg could get something Anaheim has and what the Jets would want, a young and talented defenseman that can easily replace Trouba on the blueline. Anaheim would get just the same in return. While it initially looks like a decent deal, is it really a good deal in reality? 

The Jets view Trouba as a top defenseman, and at the very least, a top 4. Trouba obviously views himself as one of the top defenseman in the league, or at least I would assume. With that being said, he seemingly wants to land a long-term deal worth probably at least $5-6MM per year. The Jets meanwhile, probably want to pay him 4, maybe around $5MM per year. Big difference. That very well could be why Trouba is growing angry with the team. Again, just speculating here. 

Meanwhile in Anaheim, Hampus Lindholm has not gone on record saying he wants a trade, but from the Ducks perspective, could they be thinking about one. Most likely not, as they most likely view him as their No. 1 defenseman for the foreseeable future, but what's the hold up here? My guess is the years on a deal. The Ducks may only want to sign him for around 4-5 years to watch as they hope he blossom's into the defenseman they hope he become's. Lindholm meanwhile, probably is looking for at least 6-7 years. But money could also be a factor here too. 

So why would I bring this up as a rumor? Maybe the two teams could at least have some type of talks about the two defenseman. They could involve more players if a deal were to be discussed, or even draft picks. I would see Lindholm having the leg up on Trouba towards future potential, which would seem like a problem in making this deal, but it is something to at least think about.