NHL's Future; Kyle Connor

By Jacob Carmendy
Sep. 08, 2016

​In our l
atest series, we will feature and take an in-depth look at some of the top prospects around the league who are soon to make an impact at the NHL level. 

For the Winnipeg Jets, it's time to show that this team is ready to take the next step with one of the top prospect systems in the league, and start showing off some of that talent on the ice at the NHL level and begin the start of fielding a future contender. 

Among those many prospects, Kyle Connor is the one we will take a look at in this post, as we will talk about just what the Jets have in this future star in the making. 

Connor started out at the college level, playing for the University of Michigan, in which he flat out tore up the NCAA level with phenomenal numbers. In just 38 games, he put up 71 points and helped Michigan in making a deep run in the NCAA tournament last season. With an opportunity to join the Jets, he opted to do just that over returning for another season with U of M. 

Connor is clearly NHL ready, however, the Jets may still feel he needs time with the Mannitoba Moose, their AHL affiliate, before he starts his official first game at the NHL level. His ceiling as a future elite player certainly excites both fans and management alike, with many dreaming of Patrik Laine and Connor being a future dynamic duo with this team. 

Eliteprospects.com has a scouting report on Kyle Connor, citing his elite skating ability and ability to constantly make plays, even if he's not scoring. His two-way play also adds another tool to add to his amazing set of skill. 

Needless to say, Kyle Connor is going to be a name Jets fans will be mentioning for a long-time, as his impact on this team will greatly impact the direction the Jets will head in future seasons.