What To Do With Jacob Trouba?

By Jacob Carmendy
Oct. 27, 2016

With Hampus Lindholm now under contract with the Anaheim Ducks, Jacob Trouba remains the only player left from the offseason's restricted free agent class that has not been signed. Trouba is still in a situation where he does not want to re-sign with the Jets, and no other team has interest in signing the young defenseman to an offer sheet. It is not known whether the Jets have had any trade talks regarding Trouba, but the team remains very patient in finding a trade partner for him. So what will the Jets do in the end of this Trouba saga? Let's take a look at the different scenarios.

?-Trade Trouba

?This is a clear and obvious scenario, and probably what we will see happen with Trouba. He has made it clear that he no longer wants to play for Winnipeg due to the contract talks breaking down between the two sides. However, there is speculation that it could be Trouba's agent that made the comments about demanding the trade to try and force the Jets' hand in contract talks. Clearly that hasn't fazed GM Kevin Cheveldayoff, as evidenced by the current situation. 

Cheveldayoff doesn't mind waiting as long as possible to find a trade partner for Trouba's services, which further clouds the young defenseman's chances of playing this season anytime soon. There were teams that had interest in Trouba during the offseason, that included the Boston Bruins and Detroit Red Wings. The New York Rangers have been scouring the trade market for a top defenseman early in the season, so it could be possible that they could check into having talks with the Jets. What remains hard in trading for Trouba though, is the fact that not only would an acquiring team need to make an offer suitable for the Jets, the acquiring team would have to make a contract offer suitable for Jacob Trouba to sign with that team. In other words, it's obvious why Trouba still remains with the Jets despite the demand from his side in wanting a trade. 

?-Re-Sign Trouba 

?A scenario that would be hard to envision by most at this point, the Jets could try harder to convince Trouba to re-sign with the organization, even if it means signing him to a shorter term deal(maybe like the Lightning did with Nikita Kucherov). 

However, the Jets aren't going to give in and let Trouba control this situation, as his hold out pretty much has made his relationship with this franchise tainted. Teammates of Trouba have already made comments that support the Jets instead of Trouba, such as Matthew Perrault's comment about Trouba being "selfish" regarding his situation with the team. Which is why it is harder to envision him re-signing with the team at this point. 

Jacob Trouba has put himself in a rut due to his unwillingness to play this season, and it won't help that he refuses to even talk to the Jets about a contract, which not only hurts his relationship with the team, but it also hurts his chances of being traded to another team, as other teams aren't going to try and acquire a player who won't negotiate with his team if he doesn't find a deal to his liking. It'll be awhile before we see Trouba on the ice, but once we finally do, it looks like Trouba may be in another uniform at some point.