Im Back!

By Arya Agnihotri
Aug. 14, 2019

Hey guys,

Its been a while... but I'm back. So in October 2016, I took a break from SPORTSBLOG because it was starting to go down hill. I used to dress myself as Hari (a alternate journalist name I created) but not I will just be using me real name, Arya.

The reason I took a break was because I could no longer see my page views and followers. Also all the money I had made from sports blog from around September 2014 (around $50) was all lost.

The worst thing was that all my posts had also disappeared and I felt everything had gone to waste really. I complained but there was nothing that I could do because the site were clearly losing money and sponsors.

Earlier today I decided to log back on to the website to see how it was doing and I had found the things were starting to being re introduced. I can now see all the articles that I wrote previously however none of the views for the posts appear.

After some thought, I have made the decision to start back up and re build. So from now on until September, I will be posting 4 times a week maybe more. Hopefully, In the next few months I can generate the hundreds of thousands of viewers I was bringing in before.

Please share this with friends and family and Thanks for the support.