By Arya Agnihotri
Jul. 11, 2017

Hey guys,

Its been a while... but I'm back. So in October 2016, I took a break from SPORTSBLOG because it was starting to go down hill. I could no longer see my page views and followers. Also all the money I had made from sports blog since September 2014 (around $34.50) was all lost. The worst thing was that all my posts had also disappeared.

I was really angry because I had spent a lot of time on being a sports journalist and It had all kind of gone to waist really. I complained but there was nothing that I could do because they were clearly losing money and sponsors. Earlier today I decided to see hoe the website was doing and I had found the things were starting to being re introduced.

I made the decision to start back up and re build. So from no on until September, I will be posting twice a day. Hopefully I can get back to where I was before.

I have also created a youtube channel and an Instagram page which are both called SportsAndBrands so make sure you check that out to. Please share this with friends and family.

,Thanks for the support.