Update On This Blog

By Arya Agnihotri
Jan. 03, 2020

Hey guys,

Its been a while... but I'm back. So in October 2016, I took a break from SPORTSBLOG because it was starting to go down hill. The reason I took a break was because I could no longer see my page views and followers. Also all the money I had made from sports blog from around September 2014 (hundreds of dollars) was lost. Also, I was hacked and the website did not tell me about it. Somebody was putting my articles in to their name (they called themselves Hari) yet I was not alerted to this.

The worst thing was that all my posts had also disappeared and I felt everything had gone to waste really. I complained but there was nothing that I could do because the site were clearly losing money and sponsors.

Over the last few months I've written an article here and there, and I've found the things were starting to being re introduced. I can now see all the articles that I wrote previously however the page views still do not appear unless I pay $10 a month.

After some thought, I have made the decision to start back up and re build. I will aim to write 2-3 articles a week. Hopefully, In the next few months, I can generate the hundreds of thousands of viewers I was bringing in before.

Please share this with friends and family and Thanks for the support.