Microsoft Outlook app not accepting password

By None
Aug. 12, 2019

We insist you check whether the Caps Lock key is turned on if your Outlook password isn't getting accepted. As passwords are case sensitive, you are not entering the correct password if the Caps Lock key is turned on. Turn it off and check again. If it doesn’t work after turning off the key, other reasons might be there. Maybe any of the cache files is creating a problem for you. We suggest for deleting these files. However, we have given a genuinely relaxed method for dealing with your Microsoft Outlook app. Here are the steps required for the same.

1. Open the Control Panel

2. Find out the Mail option and click on it

3. Then you need to choose Show Profiles

4. It will allow you in seeing the Outlook profile

5. Delete Outlook profile now

6. Open Outlook again and permit it to re-create your profile

7. Now you will have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the procedure

8. You will be able to access your Outlook email account after following the instructions

Has the issue settled? Maybe the Outlook's servers are down. If so, you are suggested to wait a few minutes and try again. Or maybe your account password is changed by you or any hacker. Resetting the password is the only solution for you if the account is under unauthentic access and Outlook not accepting password. Talk to the account security officials for knowing the steps required for the password reset. The account security officials of Microsoft Outlook are highly experienced and dedicated to their work.