Should the Houston Astros Re-Sign Colby Rasmus?

By TheSportsHurt
Sep. 22, 2016

The first person to ever accepted a qualifying offer in MLB history was Colby Rasmus who happily took the over $15 million this past offseason to stay with the Houston Astros. That option is no longer present for either side which means negotiations are going to start again this offseason if the Astros even have desire to keep him around.

Should they do it? Is Rasmus someone to re-sign?

Is there any chance the Houston Astros re-sign Colby Rasmus?
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

My first answer is no. Rasmus is no bum however he is too much of a free swinger that piles up strikeouts. His home run numbers are decent yet not much else is there. Since the Astros have other outfield options and free agency to look into, a Rasmus return is not the best fit even at a discounted price. He was an important part of the misfit squad that got to the ALDS last season however going forward it's best to move one. It’s probably tough to believe considering how well he played early on, but right now Rasmus is hitting only .206.

Options to take over for Rasmus next season in left field already within the organization include Preston Tucker, Tony Kemp, Jake Marisnick, and Teoscar Hernandez. None of them have hit very well at the big league level this year which could very well lead to the Astros picking up someone in free agency or via trade.

In addition to them, the Astros do have a few other guys coming up through the minors with promising futures. Preston Tucker’s brother Kyle Tucker is the franchise’s number two prospect. He was taken fifth overall in 2015 and looks to become a solid big league player with blazing speed. Still, he’s years away. The Astros also have Derek Fisher and Daz Cameron to look forward to as well. At the moment it may look like the outfield is a mix of George Springer and anyone else Houston can find. Eventually, they’ll have talent again.

Minus Rasmus taking a very cheap deal, I don’t see why the Astros should retain him. They’re talented enough to compete again in 2017 which means plugging in a much better, consistent bat as their left fielder.

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