Tampa Bay Rays Signing Wilson Ramos May End Chris Archer Trade Possibility

By TheSportsHurt
Dec. 07, 2016

When the Tampa Bay Rays signed Wilson Ramos today it was more than adding a premium catcher. Since he won’t be ready to return until around midseason, this transaction could very well mean the possibility of the Rays trading someone like Chris Archer is over with. The Rays wouldn’t add a catcher one day on a two-year deal only to go ahead and trade their starting rotation soon after. Logically, it doesn’t make sense.

The Wilson Ramos signing could mean the Tampa Bay Rays keep the roster mostly intact.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Archer appears to be the most desirable pitcher on the Rays and with good reason. Two years ago, he was a Cy Young Award candidate. Last year, after a bad start, he did fix many of his issues and had a productive year despite all the losing. I don’t think his trade value was hurt very much at all as he still did manage to strike out a ton of batters and pull together what would’ve been an otherwise horrendous season.

Others on the Rays who have been among the trade candidates such as Jake Odorizzi are also probably staying put unless Tampa Bay is wowed in a deal. This is definitely possible as pitching remains a premium.

In the meantime, trade rumors for the Rays will probably dwindle slightly. I can’t see Ramos’ presence as a precursor to the Rays selling heavily this offseason. However, if they can get near MLB-ready talent, the Rays could set themselves up for a successful 2018 campaign. This is probably the true goal they have in mind so unless anyone is departing after 2017, look for them to remain in Tampa Bay for a little while longer.