My Interview with Bill Spiers

By eadmire
Oct. 04, 2016

Last Week I did yet another interview with Bill Spiers, former Astros Utility infielder.

Bill Spiers (courtesy

Q: Bill, what are you doing now? Spiers: After I retired, I coached High School football and baseball.  I also do a little farming here in my hometown (Orangeburg, South Carolina).  But now, Dabo (Swinney, Coach at Clemson) invited me to be on his coaching staff.  They have a program to have ex athletes complete their degree with coaching. E: You played football at Clemson for a couple years, right? S: Just one, in 1986. I answered a ad in the School Paper By Danny Ford (then head coach of Clemson).

Q: What team and player(s) did you grow up following? When i was growing up here in South Carolina, there was no pro teams, the Braves was the closest.  But I was a Big Reds fan, especially the Big Red Machine.  Tony Perez, (ex Astro) Joe Morgan, and Pete rose in particular.  So how was it playing against the Reds, seeing the Astros were in the division?  It's funny, it seems that everytime we (Astros) or I were in a slump, every time we would play the Reds it seems we'd break that slump. I tended to hit best against the Reds.

Q: Do you keep up with any Astros today? Definately. Tim Bogar, I went to Craig Biggio's hall of fame induction, Jeff Bagwell, I'll Text Brad Ausmus Every Now and then. Scott Elarton (I rudely interrupted) E: He's with the Pittsburgh Pirates now, correct? S: Yes, I last I heard, but I haven't heard from him in a while.  I also keep in touch with Jay Powell.  E: Funny you mention him, I actually interviewed him last week. S: Did you? what's he doing now? E: Coaching at a high school in Mississippi.  S: Yeah, I remember now.

 Q: Do you keep up with this Astros team today? S: A little, but i've been real busy lately with school. Any information I get is from Carl Snyder the equipment manager.  He tells me they've had the injury bug this season.

Q: I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question, but what is you favorite moment as an Astro? B:A couple things, one, when we made the playoffs in 1997, that was pretty special.  But also, when I hit that walk off against San Diego in 1998 in the Playoffs. E: That's what I was thinking.

[Astros clinch the NL Central title]

[1998 NLDS Gm2: Bill Spiers belts walk-off single]

Q:Tell us about what happened when you was attacked by a fan. B: It was real interesting. Definitely a crazy moment.  It was against my former team, the Brewers.   It was just some drunk fan.  It is definitely not a moment anyone wants to be in.

Here's the idiot fan (courtest

Mr Spiers, it was a pleasure to interview you. B: Anytime.