How Has it Looked Through Week 5?

By Jaguars
Oct. 10, 2016

At the start of the season, I picked the Jacksonville Jaguars to go 9-7. This would be a stout increase from last years 5-11 record. They currently sit 1-3. The reasoning behind picking them to be so successful this season was looking at the team upgrades through free agency and the draft. They had the most money to spend in free agency so why not make sure it gets spent? The signing of Tashaun Gipson (former pro bowl safety), Malik Jackson, Chris Ivory, Prince Amukamara, and two offensive lineman signed to protect their beloved Blake Bortles showed the willingness of the ownership group to spend money. Spending money = better players = more wins...right? 

In addition to signing some big name players, their entire draft was built around athleticism and defense. With CB Jalen Ramsey (FSU) going 5th overall and OLB Myles Jack (UCLA) going 36th overall, this draft class headlined improvement on the defensive side of the football. If that wasn't enough evidence, of their seven draft selections, only one of them was an offensive player: Brandon Allen (QB - Arkansas)! Only one problem with this is not being able to develop talent. If they can't develop these talented draft picks and free agent signees, they have a slim chance to be a successful football team. 

Through the first five weeks of the season, Pro Football Focus has the Jacksonville Jaguars rated as the 26/32 teams. The offense is 28/32 while the defense is 17/32. It's hard to imagine a team with as many weapons as Jacksonville has how they struggle offensively. It is also important to note that Pro Football Focus ranks the Jaguars OL at 15/32. Looking towards the future, over the next 12 weeks the Jags play Tennessee, Houston, and the Colts five times. As well as playing the Bears, Lions, and Chiefs. All of these games are winnable. If the coaches can continue to develop these high talent players while putting together successful game plans, they will win more football games. Sounds simple doesn't it?