How Will New OC Nathaniel Hackett Fare On Sunday?

By Jaguars
Nov. 03, 2016

Around this time last week, I wrote an article giving Shad Khan my two cents on what changes needed to be made in the Jacksonville Jaguars organization. It seemed to hold a lot of weight (100% sarcasm). He actually did the exact opposite. To recap my plan - Fire Nathaniel Hackett now and fire Gus Bradley at the end of the season. But no, the Jaguars organization fired the only coach with offensive play calling/development experience among the three, Greg Olsen (and no not the tight end). For a full recap of my logic behind firing Gus Bradley and Nathaniel Hackett, see the below link.

[Jacksonville Jaguars :: Lack Of Attention To Detail]

Regardless of what I think, Nathaniel Hackett is calling the plays this Sunday against the Chiefs and that scrappy defense. With arguably the best ball hawking corner over the past two seasons, Marcus Peters, Blake Bortles must be extremely careful on his ball placement and decision making. Bortles was quoted earlier this week saying that Peters is probably the best cornerback they have faced at this point in the season. The Chiefs like to get after the passer, but what is amazing is they are having success without their best edge rusher, Justin Houston. 

[11.2.16 - The 7th Report - Episode 45 by The 7th Report]

At this point, all we can do is wait and see. Gus Bradley mentioned that he was unhappy with the lack of commitment to the run game - look for that this Sunday when the Jaguars visit the Chiefs in Arrowhead Stadium at 12:00 central time.