Jaguars Front Office Believes in Bortles

By Jaguars
Nov. 23, 2016

Despite leading the league in interceptions (tied with Ryan Fitzpatrick) and in the bottom five for "yards per attempt", the Jacksonville Jaguars still have faith in Blake Bortles. He showed a significant increase "statistically speaking" last season. However, this season has been a different story. Seeing his play this season makes me think last season was an outlier. However, the front office of the Jacksonville Jaguars still believe he is their franchise quarterback "despite his struggles this season". They believe "he will continue to improve and return to better form". What makes them think this?  

[11.21.16 - The 7th Report - EPISODE 50 by The 7th Report]

When looking at his numbers for last season, one shouldn't fall for the smoke n' mirror allusion that numbers provide . The Jaguars had "outstanding" passing numbers last season because they were trailing A LOT. Therefore, passing numbers increase - opposing defenses play "zone" or "prevent" defenses. Numbers begin to inflate. My thought is by establishing a run game and freeze the linebackers and safeties, you would allow more throwing "holes" in the defense. Improving the offensive line and running game may be their first priority once the offseason comes along. They have a formidable defense that needs time to develop (they are extremely young). 

To say Blake Bortles is "your guy" means to have complete faith in him. I'd say that too if I spent a third overall pick on him; But don't lie to yourself. You are only hurting the franchise if you do. I wrote an early article showing support for Bortles. However, I need him to give me a reason to. If he continues to struggle as much as he has, how much more can I defend him?