Jaguars vs. Lions Preview

By Jaguars
Nov. 18, 2016

The Jacksonville Jaguars will travel 1,013 miles to take on the Detroit Lions on Sunday. Both teams are extreme surprises this season: Jacksonville being a disappointment and Detroit playing much better than predicted by nearly every expert. A tale of two different seasons. One team has a potential MVP candidate at quarterback in Matthew Stafford and the other has undeveloped, underperforming Blake Bortles. Detroit is atop their division while Jacksonville is at the bottom. Amidst all this, I think it is going to be a much closer game than people anticipate.

[11.16.16 - The 7th Report - Episode 49 by The 7th Report]

Both offenses are nearly identical in every offensive (per game) category. The Jacksonville Jaguars have a slight edge in the offensive statistics averaging 343.3 yards per game over Detroit's 337.8. But that's not all that's extremely similar. Jacksonville is averaging 255.2 passing yards per game while Detroit is averaging 251. Also, Jacksonville has an average of 88.1 rushing yards per game while scoring nearly 20 points per game. Meanwhile, Detroit is averaging 86.8 rushing yards per game and scoring 23 points per game. Detroit is a 6.5 point favorite being at home per I am curious to see each team's offensive numbers after the game. I do not agree with the 6.5 spread, but that maybe why I don't bet nor work in Vegas. I guess we will have to wait until Sunday to see.