Where Do They Rank?

Pro Football Focus just released its ranking of every receiving corps (including tight ends) in the NFL. Originally, Pro Football Focus ranked the Jacksonville Jaguars fourth in the NFL. Currently, they are ranked as the sixth best receiving corps. A positive side note from this is the are 21st in the league in points scored and are 15th in passing yards. How is this positive? THERE IS PLENTY OF ROOM FOR GROWTH. They can still play better. They are graded as the sixth best receiving corps in the NFL and they have yet to scratch the surface of their potential. Remember, Pro Football Focus' preseason ranking at number four? I've thought for many months now they are a top 5 receiving corps in the NFL, but what is keeping them from producing?

[Ranking all 32 NFL receiving corps | Week 7]

Pro Football Focus thinks there is a lot to do with the lack of a long ball so far this season (see above link). According to them, Allen Hurns and Allen Robinson hauled in 32 of 70 balls (45%) for 1,131 yards (16 yards per catch) last season. So far in 2016? They have only caught 4 of 17 (26%) targets for 118 yards (7 yards per catch). These statistics show that they are having a down year. Robinson has 26 receptions to go with two drops, while Hurns has 20 receptions and two drops. So the problem clearly isn't talent - the offense so far hasn't been as explosive as it was last season. Some of the reasons for the lack of explosiveness could be play call/design, quarterback performance, or an inefficiency in running the football. The Jacksonville Jaguars are dead last in the league averaging 71 rushing yards per game. In my opinion, it seems to be a combination of all three things. 

[10.19.16 - The 7th Report - Episode 40 by The 7th Report]

The Oakland Raiders are playing in Jacksonville this Sunday. The Raiders defense is allowing 386 yards per game (7 average yards per play); however, only 67 of that is rushing yards. To do quick math...(carry the one)...this means teams throw for an average of 319 passing yards per game against this defense. If the Jacksonville Jaguars run the football with more efficiency and attack the top of the defense more this weekend, they should have success. Jacksonville will need to exploit Oakland's lack of big play stoppage and that is by throw the long ball more consistently. It helped them have an explosive offense last year, why not go back to what lead your offense to success?