Why do the Jacksonville Jaguars LOVE London?

By Jaguars
Oct. 07, 2016

If you thought Jacksonville playing in earliest London game possible was a happenstance, think again. Apparently down in the great state of Florida, the thought around this organization is "Everything will get kickstarted once we play in London". My goal is to look more closely at that logic and see if it is actually true. A source close to this situation acknowledges that Gus Bradley and the Jaguars requested to play the earliest game in London possible. And it would appear that they got their wish! Let's take a look at the last three seasons prior to the Jags playing in London and after.

In 2013, the Jacksonville Jaguars started the season 0-8 (including the London game). After the game in London against the San Fransisco 49ers they went 4-4, respectively. .500 football. Posting a record of 4-12 at the end of the season. In 2014, the team started 1-9 after losing in Wembley Stadium to the Dallas Cowboys. After coming off a bye week, the Jaguars finished out the season with a record of 2-6, making their 2014 regular season record of 3-13. Apparently from the 2013 season to the 2014 season, the team did not approve. 

[10.7.16 - The 7th Report - Episode 36 by The 7th Report]

Finally, let's review the Jaguars 2015 post London. The Jags got their first win in three season at Wembley bringing their record to 2-5. Ahhh so it appears they got the London game early. It must have helped them finish better last season. Unfortunately, it did not. The Jaguars posted a 3-6 record after playing in London. Why do people in their organization think that the London game gives them a boost?

In three seasons their record before the London game (2-20) and their record after playing in Wembley (9-14) does show a slight increase. But then again - the combined record is still 11-34. Maybe this season will be different. The Jaguars did beat the Indianapolis Colts last week in Wembley 30-27. I guess we will find out how much playing in London affects them as the Jaguars have the bulk of their season coming up. Post London, the Jags record does improve but at what point do the players and coaches stop believing in gimmicks. They do play better, but not enough to win. Both 2-20 and 9-14 records aren't winning seasons and certainly don't get you into the playoffs. And with some of the comments from owner Shad Khan, that record better improve or change is coming.