Florida Atlantic Football Highly Represented In EA's Madden NFL: 17

By JakeElman
Aug. 23, 2016

School is back, Madden is back, and college football is...almost back. We're just over a week away from the return of the college football season and while Charlie Partridge's Florida Atlantic Owls don't kickoff until September 3rd against Southern Illinois, Madden NFL 17 gives you the opportunity to ball with some former students from Florida's #1 public school.

Though not all Florida Atlantic alums who are currently in the NFL are present in the day one rosters of Madden NFL 17, some of the more notable faces -- Alfred Morris, D'Joun Smith, and others -- are in the game and, for the most part, don't have the worst ratings. In what can be called a prelude to my upcoming Madden NFL 17 review, let's take a look at what FAU alums are in this year's game and what they bring to the table.

Sharrod Neasman, S, Atlanta Falcons:

You know things aren't pretty when Madden can't even get your picture in the game! In addition to that 91 acceleration, Sharrod also has 68 catching, 87 jumping, and 75 hit power, though moving him to wide receiver -- a logical move based on those speed and acceleration ratings -- make him only a 43 overall. 

Adarius Glanton, LB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As a player whose job with the Buccaneers is really only being there for depth, don't expect much from Glanton aside from special teams -- though he does have an 82 overall jump rating that could prove valuable when it comes to the game's revised 'block punts and kicks' feature.

Randell Johnson, LB, Buffalo Bills:

Like Adarius, you're really only getting depth with Randell, though he does have the best trucking rating (40) among the Bills' left outside linebackers and also has a spectacular 90 overall when it comes to jumping. It's just too bad the coding of 'nano linebackers' who used high jump ratings to insanely pick off passes has been all but removed...

Rob Housler, TE, Chicago Bears: 

The third best tight end on the Bears' roster behind Zach Miller (78 overall) and former Kansas City Chief Tony Moeaki, Housler serves as a valuable piece for those who run a two-tight end set. Housler could be especially important on short pass plays as the former Owl has 72 ball carrier vision, 73 spin move, 68 juke move, 72 carrying, 74 catching, and a 70 run block.

Alfred Morris, RB, Dallas Cowboys: 

By this point, you should know what you're getting with Alfred Morris: a powering, bruising running back that could either serve as your starter or a reliable backup. With 90 carrying, 87 ball carrier vision, 86 trucking, 88 stiff arm, and 88 spin move, expect to see Morris on plenty of third-and-short or goal line plays online, though forcing the ball away from him could potentially mean dealing with this guy...

Lucky Whitehead, WR, Dallas Cowboys

What makes Lucky Whitehead so dangerous isn't his play at wide receiver (though he's certainly a threat if he gets open with not much in his way), but when he's returning kicks and punts as he comes in at a 97 overall at both positions. With an 89 in elusiveness, 88 spin move, 80 juke move, and 87 ball carrier vision, Whitehead could be a threat both on special teams and on trick plays -- like end arounds or the Wildcat formation -- and provide you with six points.

Keith Reaser, CB, San Francisco 49ers:

Another player who will really only serve as depth both in real life and in Madden, the main thing that Keith has going for him is his blazing speed (90 overall) which actually is tied for fifth on the 49ers roster. 

D'Joun Smith, CB, Indianapolis Colts:

At just a 69 overall at 23 years of age, D'Joun really is just another special teams guy though he may be a good project in franchise mode thanks to his already high speed, acceleration, and agility. Put some awareness points into this guy and, before you know it, he may be the next Josh Norman...


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