Leicester home match review, Farewell Pablo Zabaleta

Another day, another win and we are just a win away from 3rd mathematically so all to play for on the final day at Watford. Come on boys. I won't go through all the permutations, it's too complicated. A win sees City 3rd no matter what so lets focus on that rather than the unlikely 5th place finish. One more cup final to go. We could show some league progress this season too, which is good. But on with yesterday's game.

God are Tony Pulis's teams annoying. They sit and do nothing and look to really bore a match. Just awful. They had no pace to hurt City so with Vincent Kompany keeping WBA's attack at bay, it was all too easy. WBA had a couple of freekick and ambitious shots in the first half and Caballero was more than a match for that. It took City right into the middle and end of the first half to break down West Brom who didn't want to come out and play. We had one chance with Sane in behind and shot quite a bit wide. The right idea but poor execution. Leroy has shown signs of being a copycat of Bale at Spurs and at other times has shown signs of being like Walcott. Quick but struggles to find the net. He needs to improve his crossing, corners and finishing. He needs to work on that every week for the next couple of years. His touches aren't great but his speed, agility and skill to tap the ball through people's legs are amazing. He needs to improve though. He's starting every week so he needs to improve. He has all the signs of being world class. I hope he can reach there. Talking of world class, we have the Brazilian wonder Jesus putting us 1-0 ahead in this game. The ball works it's way out wide from Yaya and KDB gets on the end of it and his shot deflects right across the box and into Jesus to tap in. This was in the 27th minute, just 2 minutes later and Aguero breaks away and his attempted pass hits the defender tracking back (hit on the counter attack) and KDB half volley is so hard, quick and accurate it nearly breaks the net. No chance for Foster and it's like having the old KDB back. Just super. 2-0. Half time. The second half was slow and boring, like Leicester but City broke away again mid way though, Yaya burst through the defence and one on one slots cooly past Foster. 3-0, game done and Arsenal won too, 2-0. So all to play for. Everything is as you was with WBA scoring late on. Nyom gets down the right, squares and with Otamendi commited, Robson-Kanu taps in. Disappointing to concede. Kompany went off as a precaution from a knock and I hope he isn't injured, only time will tell. He was just awesome. KDB and Aguero was too. KDB my MoM. Kompany close second, he is so important to City's defence. We need more Kompany's. That's about it. City lost a lot of their shape in the second half. That was down to the subs, Fernando and Zabaleta off the bench with creative players like Silva leaving the pitch. We looked unorganised. We need to be stronger and fitter on Sunday and really go to win and finish 3rd. The players get a lot more rest if they can win next season and means we are in the group stage of the Champions League so it's must win. I'll be previewing the game on Friday and I'll review early next week. I'll end this post on a tribute to Zaba. How else can I end it?

We love you Zaba, he bled literally for this club, loves City and loves Manchester. We all love Zaba and I'm sad he leaves for another club. I don't want to see him in another clubs colours (West Ham apparently). He still has 2-3 years left at competitive football, Maybe 2 years as rotation and 1 playing all the time. But he's been here since before the big takeover of 08' and he's a legend, like Hart and Vincent. He gave his all and from Man City fans and me personally, it's been an honour to watch Zaba become one of the best RB's in the league and certainly one of City's all time greats. I'll have a drink for you on Sunday Pablo. For Yaya too if he decides too leave. He deserves a hero's exit too. Both such important players in making Man City a mid-table club to one of the best in England. Go and enjoy your football Pablo, you're welcome back any time.