By Jeff Nixon
Apr. 06, 2017

Settlement Class Members who have registered and who have received a favorable Registration Determination Notice from the Claims Administrator may submit an MAF Claim Package or a Derivative Claim Package. The easiest way to do that is online. 

Before you do anything, please check with your lawyer (if you have retained one) to see what they are doing on your behalf.

Click here: NFL Concussion Settlement Login Portal to log in to your Portal or set up a Portal with the Claims Administrator, and follow the instructions there on how to submit your Claim Package online. You also can submit an MAF Claim Package or a Derivative Claim Package by mail.

Click here: Claim Forms to get a PDF of the Claim Package Forms you need, or call 1-855-887-3485 or email: to ask that the forms be mailed to you. 

You cannot submit a claim unless the Claims Administrator has notified you that you are properly registered in the Program. Call, email or write the Claims Administrator if you have questions. The Claims Administrator will review what you submit and notify you within 45 days if additional materials are needed. Within 60 days after an MAF Claim Package is complete, the Claims Administrator will notify you whether the Settlement Class Member is eligible for an MAF Award.

Here is a link to the FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) about the Monetary Award Fund: MAF FAQ's

Here is a link to the Physician Locator Tool to find a doctor closest to you: Locator Tool

And here is the entire list of the MAF doctors that are pending, or have been approved (this list will continue to be expanded): MAF DOCTORS


All Retired NFL Football Players with at least one-half of an Eligible Season and who timely register in the Settlement will be eligible to receive a baseline assessment examination in the Baseline Assessment Program, which opens on June 6, 2017. Starting on May 8, 2017, eligible Retired NFL Football Players will be able to schedule an examination by contacting the BAP Administrator and will receive additional information on how to do so in their Registration Determination Notices.

If you are represented by an attorney, please confer with them.


Jeff Nixon

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