The NFL Concussion Settlement Website

By Jeff Nixon
Jan. 05, 2017

I hope I don’t sound like a broken record, but…

If you haven’t already done so, please visit the NFL Concussion Settlement website and click on the button at the bottom of the Homepage that says “Sign up for future information.” Here is a link to the website: NFL Concussion Settlement Website.

It is important to do this, especially if you are not represented by an attorney and are not receiving regular updates. There are approximately 5,000 former players that have retained lawyers and 15,000 that have not.

Once you have given them your information, the administrators of the website will send you updated information letting you know when the Registration process will begin. They will also provide information about deadlines, getting evaluated through the BAP (Baseline Assessment Program) and the process for filing claims for monetary awards and accessing prescriptions and medical treatment, if you are eligible.

Once the registration process begins, former players will have only 180 days (6 months) to register for Settlement benefits. If you do not register, you will NEVER be able to access the benefits of the Settlement.

In most big class action Settlements, approximately 20 to 30 percent of eligible members do not participate for one reason or another. If that were to hold true in this Settlement, anywhere from 4,200 to 6,300 former players would be left in the cold with no recourse.

Let’s prevent that from happening by spreading the word and making sure all our alumni brothers are aware of the Settlement provisions and deadlines.

As you all know, Shawn Wooden was one of our class representatives on the NFL Concussion Settlement. Our other class rep, Kevin Turner, passed away on March 24, 2016 after a long battle with ALS – God rest his soul.

Shawn wrote an article posted at The Players’ Tribune website at this link: The Long Game.  In the article Shawn says "I have the honor of representing retired players who do not currently suffer from serious cognitive conditions like dementia, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or ALS, but who are worried and need protection for the future."

I fall into the group that Shawn was representing. I know that I will not be eligible for an award right now. At the same time, I also know that NFL players are much more likely, than the general public, to develop serious cognitive impairments later in life and I want to make sure that me and my family are covered in the event that I should develop symptoms at a later date. It's an insurance policy - one that I hope I never collect.

Do yourself and your family a big favor and make sure you sign up for more information at the NFL Concussion Settlement website and then Register for benefits when the process begins.