Update on NFL Concussion Settlement Registration

By Jeff Nixon
Mar. 07, 2017

Philadelphia, PA - Nearly 10,000 class members have registered for NFL concussion settlement benefits since the program opened one month ago.

As of March 6, 2017, 9,940 retired NFL players and representative or derivative claimants have registered - nearly half of the entire class! 

We are encouraged by the immediate and enthusiastic participation from retired NFL players so early in the registration period,” said Christopher Seeger, co-lead class counsel. "Although registration will remain open for several more months, we urge all class members not to delay and immediately sign up today.”

All settlement class members must register by August 7, 2017, to be eligible for benefits (such as a baseline assessment or monetary award). Registration can be completed either online or by mail. Retired NFL players and their representatives can visit the official website here to register or download a hard copy of the form.