College Football Rankings and Playoffs.

By Jordan Fuchs
Oct. 24, 2018

The new college football rankings were released and the top 10 is as follows:

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Notre Dame

4. LSU

5. Michigan

6. Texas

7. Georgia

8. Oklahoma

9. Florida

10. UCF

Now with this being said, Alabama is the true #1, as no one has come close to giving them a challenge this season. 2 & 3 can be flip flopped either way but both teams have earned a spot in the playoff at this point. #4 LSU I feel should be flipped with Michigan, due to Michigan's only loss coming @ #3 Notre Dame. 6-9 are the best of the one loss teams and I feel Georgia is the best of those followed by Oklahoma, then Texas, than Florida. And then you have UCF, unbeaten in the LAST 2 YEARS up to this point, with a win against Auburn in last year's Peach Bowl. They have not lost a game this year, and yet will probably be left out of the College Football Playoff.

Now with UCF in mind I want to talk about the problem of the CFP. UCF, and any non Big 5 Conference, has no chance to make the playoff under the current format. I feel they should make it 5 teams, commit the 5th spot to a non power 5 team, and have a play in game for the 4th spot. Or you can make the playoffs 8 teams, and commit the a spot for a non power 5 conference team. I feel like a team that 2 years in a row goes undefeated should have the opportunity to play for the title of college football. I think it's not fair to the other 60 teams outside the power 5 that don't have any shot in the current format. Although the competition in the AAC, MAC, or Mountain West is not that of the SEC, an undefeated season is something that should be celebrated, and even though I don't think UCF is better than LSU or Michigan for the 4th spot in the current format, they deserve a shot.