Mega Million Dreams

By Jordan Fuchs
Oct. 25, 2018

The Mega Millions Lottery just came and went, and with a jackpot of 1.537 BILLION. Someone in South Carolina has matched all the numbers for the jackpot, but has not claimed the prize yet. I bought 2 tickets and matched one number with both of them. Although I didn't win, you begin to think about the things you would buy.

First, I would give about 100 million each to my parents because they've done everything in there power to give me the best life I could have.

Secondly, I would buy a couple houses throughout the world in places I would want to live. This includes: a house in my hometown of Westland, MI, a house on a lake up north in Michigan, a house in Miami, Florida, Phoenix, Arizona, an apartment in downtown LA, and a house in Hawaii on the beach and very close to a golf course.

Third, I would probably pay off many of my friends college that make my life a lot easier. This seems like a steep price, but with 1.5 Billion dollars, it doesn't even make a dent.

Fourth, I would donate a lot to charities and make sure I give back to my community I was raised in.

And lastly, I would probably buy a NHL hockey team, most preferably the Detroit Red Wings. They are estimated to be valued at $600 Million in 2015, which may have went up a bit, but would still be a dream. Hockey is one of my favorite things in life, and I would want to be the owner and GM of a team in the NHL.

P.S. I would still finish my education, pay it off, and go to get my Masters at The University of Michigan.