Why college athletes should NOT be paid.

By Jordan Fuchs
Nov. 07, 2018

Being a student at a small college like Adrian, most of my friends are an athlete, whether it's football, or figure skating, they represent the school in there sport. Adrian is Division 3 school, therefore, no one receives athletic scholarships, but grants instead. Now, on the other hand, Division 1 schools like Michigan, Alabama, etc, are allowed to give full scholarships, and stipends to there athletes. The average tuition for public division 1 schools is $34,000 yearly and stipends that could total $5000 a semester.

Most people who argue why college athletes should be paid typically don't know what a stipend is. A stipend is a predetermined amount that are like bonus, for those who are ineligible to receive a salary, for extra expenses like food, gas, and other typical expenses. Now I get the fact that these sports require the time and attention like a job, but $5000 is a lot of money for miscellaneous expenses. And adding that with free tuition, books, and room and board, these athletes receive a lot more benefits that most academic students get.

I do feel D1 athletes have strict schedules and duties like a job, but most of the sports other than Football and Basketball do not make a profit. There is a lot of revenue generated through college athletics, but it goes right back to the students on campus. Another red flag I'd have with paying D1 athletes is are you going to pay the Quarterback of the football team who's on TV everyday the same as a women's water polo goalie, who's team is lucky to be on TV once the whole season, and doesn't make a profit. Title IX makes sure women athletes receive the same features as men so how would that work. The one exception that could be made is making money off of one's name. I feel that athletes like olympian gold medalist, Simone Biles, should be able to make money off her own likeness, in commercials, and in advertisements, as many gymnast idolize her. Other than situations like that, I feel that scholarships and stipends are more than enough compensation for athletes, and these athletes should be grateful for the opportunity to play the sport they love at the college level.