By Alec Held
Jan. 02, 2020

At the last UFC event in 2019, host Chan Sung Jung "Korean Zombie" successfully knocked out opponent Frankie Edgar in the first half.

The main match of UFC Busan event took place on the evening of 21/12 to witness a duel between the host, "Korean Zombie" Chan Sung Jung and his former rival Frankie Edgar. With the advantage of being cheered from the home audience, at the same time before an enemy who has passed the peak, the puncher nicknamed "Korean corpses" played an excellent match to knock out opponents from the inning. first match jigsaw puzzle

A downpour was created by Chan Sung Jung towards the opponent from the beginning. Frankie Edgar lay on the floor for the first time in the 2nd minute and after the next lock, the American boxer was unable to continue the match. The referee for the match ended in the 4th minute with an easy knock-out victory for Chan Sung Jung.