MLB Power Rankings

By James Mastrucci
May. 15, 2017

We have a new number 1 in the Power Rankings!

1. Houston Astros

2. Washington Nationals

3. New York Yankees

4. Colorado Rockies

5. Los Angeles Dodgers

6. Baltimore Orioles

7. Arizona Diamondbacks

8. St. Louis Cardinals

9. Cleveland Indians

10. Milwaukee Brewers

11. Boston Red Sox

12. Cincinnati Reds

13. Minnesota Twins

14. Texas Rangers

15. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

16. Chicago Cubs

17. Chicago White Sox

18. Tampa Bay Rays

19. Toronto Blue Jays

20. Seattle Mariners

21. Oakland Athletics

22. New York Mets

23. Detroit Tigers

24. Philadelphia Phillies

25. Miami Marlins

26. Pittsburgh Pirates

27. Kansas City Royals

28. San Francisco Giants

29. San Diego Padres

30. Atlanta Braves

Notes about the Power Rankings:

Astros have been on a hot streak, they are absolutely deserving of the number one spot, barely inching out the Nationals.

Indians bats and pitching appeared to come alive on Sunday. Tito shuffling the lineup and somehow having faith in Trevor Bauer to have a good outing paid off.

Cubs continue to slip. Injuries are playing a big part, but every team has injuries. Makes you think if last year was a fluke.

K-Rod is out as the closer in Detroit and that won't solve all of their problems. Their starting pitching is Verlander, and that's it. Fulmer while impressive, doesn't impress me, throws a lot of junk and relies on undisciplined teams to swing uncontrollably.

Bottom four teams continue to switch their positions. Royals, Giants, Padres and Braves are destined to be bottom feeders this season.

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