Detroit Lions: Fire Jim Caldwell!

By Jim Kennedy
Oct. 02, 2016

I know it's sad when I say this, but I'm a diehard Detroit Lions fan. 

Go ahead, laugh it off. Done? OK.

The 2016 team was supposed to give us some hope, after a 6-2 run to end the 2015 season at a 7-9 record. Unfortunately, it won't come. 1-3 after four games, a team that has allowed their opponents to come back and steal victories, and the coup de grâce: a 17-14 loss to the last place Chicago Bears in the ugliest display of football I  have ever seen!

Since becoming head coach in 2014, Jim Caldwell has a 19-16 overall record. He went to the playoffs his first year and lost to the Dallas Cowboys in controversial fashion. Since then, he has made a mockery for himself and the team. He has no game control, can't count to 11 (the number of players needed to play football), and his play calling sucks. The media even makes fun of him because of the idiotic things that he says. No one can take the guy seriously.

The only reason that Caldwell is still the coach is because Lions owner Martha Ford has endorsed him to stay. "Marth Vader", as she is known after firing GM Martin Mayhew and President Tom Lewand of the Lions last season, has been criticized for keeping Caldwell on even after all of the fans were calling for his head. But hey, we're fans, what do we know? We only buy the tickets, sell out venues, and boo when the product on the field is worse than the Cleveland Browns!!!

Four games in, and the consensus is clear: the 2016 season is a complete failure. The Lions will go nowhere this season. In all honesty, I think they should tank the season. Fans want a change, a new Detroit Lions. We've wanted one since the turn of the millennium! It's time us fans say "Enough is enough." A great way to start the change that WE the fans want is simple:

Fire Jim Caldwell.

No ifs or buts about it. It's clear the man is incompetent to lead the Honolulu Blue and Silver onto the field to victory. His system has hurt this team more than it has helped them. And he hates the Detroit media, calling the press conferences "the dungeon of doom". The man has to go. Yes, he won a Super Bowl with Baltimore, and he went to one as coach of the Colts. But there's no Super Bowl team this year, and, as long as he is coach, for a long time.

So, Martha Ford, the ball is in your court. You have one of two options. Option 1: You can continue to tune out the fans and walk to the beat of your own drums. But know that the longer you hold out on us, the more we will rebel, and there's a chance you will see more empty seats at Ford Field in the weeks and years to come. Option 2: You fire Caldwell, let your GM hire a guy who he feels would be a good fit for this team, and allow your fans the opportunity to have their voices finally be heard!