Jimmycat's 1st College Football Playoff Power Rankings

By Jim Kennedy
Sep. 22, 2016

The Road to Tampa is off and running. In the first three weeks of the college football season, we have seen top 5 teams fall, preseason playoff contenders get knocked out early by upsets, and 

If you're familiar with my past radio show, my co-host and I did a segment called "The Power Index". In this segment, we ranked who we believed should be in the top 5 for the playoff hunt (four teams who should be in, the fifth on the outside looking in). Seeing that I am no longer able to do my show on the air, I am going to move this segment to the House of Champions blog! Every week, after the college football season, I shall post these rankings based on results from the past Saturday. So before I begin, I would like to tell you how the process works. 

The teams in the top 5, in descending order, are judged based off of quality games (matches against ranked teams), good wins, bad losses/upsets, player performances, and strength of schedule. The rankings on this blog DOES NOT reflect the AP rankings and the upcoming playoff rankings. These rankings are solely just based on my opinion going by the categories mentioned above. With that being said, let's get in to the first rankings!

5. Michigan Wolverines (3-0)

The Wolverines are undefeated, yes, but this past Saturday they faced a test early on against Colorado. The reason they're not higher in the rankings is that they haven't played anyone that could challenge them (Hawaii and UCF, really?). This could change as they take on Penn State and Wisconsin in the next two weeks. If they can stay undefeated before the big in-state rivalry at Michigan State, then they could be contenders for the Big Ten.

4. Clemson Tigers (3-0)

It's true the Tigers have struggled out of the gate early on in the beginning, but since Florida State blew it against Louisville, the ACC is now up for grabs between Clemson and Louisville. DeShaun Watson is still a Heisman favorite (McCaffrey from Stanford is my guy), but week 5 will be the game to watch. 

3. Louisville Cardinals (3-0)

Speaking of week 5, Clemson takes on this team!!! Louisville decimated Florida State last week, and LaMar Jackson has thrown himself into the Heisman race. They're that team that no one expects and surprises everyone. But same with Clemson, if they want to stay in the rankings, they have to win that week 5 matchup.

2. Ohio State Buckeyes (3-0)

Right now, the Big Ten has four teams that are playoff contenders: Michigan, Michigan State, Wisconsin, and Ohio State. The reason Ohio State is higher on the list is because they have been dominant all season long so far. As soon as the Buckeyes face some competition in conference play, the list could change. But right now, they're at #2.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (3-0)

Alabama had to come back against Ole Miss to kick off the SEC schedule. Nick Saban and company face a daunting conference that looks to knock them off. The Ole Miss game tells other teams that they're not only vulnerable early on, but they're more dangerous than last year. The Crimson Tide are #1, but should something happen on the Road to Tampa, the committee might