Jimmycat's College Football Playoff Power Rankings: 2nd Edition

By Jim Kennedy
Sep. 29, 2016

After week 4 of this college football season, i can say it for a fact: this season is crazy! No one expected Tennessee to end their losing streak against Florida, or Wisconsin to shut down Michigan State. This weeks rankings are mostly the same teams, but after week 5, we may never be the same!

5. Ohio State Buckeyes (3-0)

The only reason the Buckeyes dropped was because they didn't play anyone this past week. Their next two opponents? Rutgers, who always has a decent non-conference schedule but sucks during conference plays; and Indiana, which has never been a contender in the Big Ten in football. I expect dominant Buckeyes performances, so because they're not playing anyone important until week 7 against #8 Wisconsin, they dropped in my rankings.

4. Michigan Wolverines (4-0)

The Harbaugh Express ran through the Nittany Lions on Saturday, and has made the Wolverines very dangerous. Next week they have #8 Wisconsin. If Michigan wins, don't be surprised if this elevates their rankings. This upcoming game will be the first real test that the Wolverines face, so it's a high risk, high rewards for next week's rankings.

3. Clemson Tigers (4-0)

The Tigers struggled out of the gate to begin the season in their first two games, but since then De'Shawn Watson and co. have dominated their opponents. But they face their biggest test against Louisville. The winner of this matchup will have the better shot of going to the ACC Championship Game, as well as the College Football Playoff.

2. Louisville Cardinals (4-0)

Louisville is still going strong! But with the eyes of the college football world upon them and Clemson, this will be the game that Lamar Jackson MUST not enter a slump. It's going to be a quarterback battle between Jackson and Watson, but for the Cardinals to win, they need to put pressure on Watson and make him slip up, as well as protect Jackson from the Tiger's pass rush.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0)

Alabama didn't really have to worry about Kent State, as they squashed the Golden Flashes 48-0. But after this week's game against Kentucky, Nick Saban takes on three ranked teams back to back to back. You got Arkansas, Tennessee, and Texas A&M, and all three teams are looking to knock off the Crimson Tide. Time might be running out for the top ranking Tide....