Jimmycat's College Football Playoff Power Rankings: 4th Edition

By Jim Kennedy
Oct. 12, 2016

You'd think it'd be a great week in college football just based on the fact that several games were held in the monsoon that is called Hurricane Matthew (Can't blame the weather Notre Dame fans.....well, I mean you could if you wanted to). A wild finish to the Tennessee-Texas A&M game that saw the Aggies win in double overtime, a Wolverine blowout at Rutgers, and Houston and Miami (FL) being upset to Navy and Florida State, respectfully, rounded out the week it was. Now, last week Ohio State was at #5. Yes, they're still undefeated, but they played against Indiana, which didn't help them in my standards. So now, allow me to welcome a new team to the fourth edition of the College Football Playoff Power Rankings! Drumroll please......

5. Texas A&M Aggies (6-0)

Welcome to the rankings, Texas A&M! They deserved it after the incredible double overtime victory over Tennessee at Kyle Field. In two weeks, it will be a make or break against Alabama. The winner stays, the loser goes. SEC West on the line. Enjoy the ranking so far Texas A&M. You might not come back.

4. Michigan Wolverines (6-0)

78-0 against a dilapidated Rutgers team? Great win, but that doesn't mean much for my rankings. The fact that everyone got to play was a bonus, 600 yards on the ground, and Jabrill Peppers played quarterback, if it was against another team, they might've moved up. But a victory over Rutgers by that margin doesn't help them. I wonder how those 78% discounted steaks were at Ruth Chris Steak House were.

3. Washington Huskies (6-0)

Ok it's official: The Huskies are the Pac-12's legit shot at a playoff spot. After destroying Oregon, they look like the team to beat. Which means that they have the biggest target on their back. One loss, and they could be in deep trouble. Right now, they look good. I'm not sold on them yet, BUT...they still have time to prove me, and all of the doubters wrong.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (6-0)

This will probably be the last time we see Alabama as the #2 team. Or it might be the last time we see them in the rankings all together. Against a revenge-driven Tennessee Vols team, it's a win or go home. A playoff hope will be dashed on Saturday. They're safe after a close victory over Arkansas, but against Tennessee, who's looking to get back into things? Good luck to both teams. Your season depends on it.

1. Clemson Tigers (6-0)

Great way to celebrate being ranked number 1 in my rankings? Dominate Boston College. Watson looked like he was back to normal, he's leading the early Heisman polling, and the Tigers are rolling to the ACC Championship Game. They got #14 Florida State in two weeks, but the 'Noles have been inconsistent all season. Still, it's another test for the Tigers. Let's see how they do against NC State and FSU, and then we'll talk number one ranking.