Jimmycat's College Football Playoff Power Rankings: 3rd Edition

By Jim Kennedy
Oct. 05, 2016

What a week in college football! Starting off with a blowout of Stanford by Washington, and ended with a shootout in Clemson that culminated in a Tigers victory over the Louisville Cardinals. We also saw teams eliminated from any chance of getting a playoff spot (sorry Michigan State, Iowa, Texas, and Florida State. Better luck next season), and now enter the zone called "eliminators", where they themselves can end a potential playoff team's dream. Now I said last time we did this that there would be a shake up in the rankings. As such, I will not disappoint you, friends. Here are the 3rd rankings after a terrific week 5!

5. Ohio State Buckeyes (4-0)

While I really wanted to move up Tennessee or Texas A&M after their respective victories, I couldn't this week. But the Buckeyes still are on the outside looking in currently because they played against a crappy Rutgers team, and essentially blew them out. Good job staying undefeated, but winning against terrible teams won't do a thing. Right now, the Buckeyes must get through an upset minded Indiana Hoosiers team that's looking to knock out the Buckeyes from Big Ten/Playoff/ranking contention. Rankings wise, now, just because of their schedule, I'm not impressed. Win against a few ranked teams, then come to the table and let's chit chat, ok?

4. Washington Huskies (5-0)

Ok, you blow out Stanford and shut down Christian McCaffrey? Welcome to the rankings, Washington! While it is early in the conference season, I am loving this Husky team altogether. They outscored their past 3 opponents 120-37. Quarterback Jake Browning is making a name as a potential Heisman candidate with 1,114 passing yards, 17 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The next three games for Washington are a stingy Oregon Ducks team, an Oregon State team that can surprise you, and a ranked Utah team in the mountains. If they can win all three games, then no doubt the Huskies will be in playoff contention.

3. Michigan Wolverines (5-0)

The Wisconsin game was boring and dull. But a win is a win is a win, yada yada yada. The only positive I can make about that game is the insane one handed interception made by Jordan Lewis. Seeing that Michigan State lost, the Big Ten East is now a two team battle, between the Wolverines and that team down there-I mean Ohio State. But now Camp Harbaugh has an easier schedule, such like Ohio State. Should they falter or struggle against the easy teams, don't be surprised if the Wolverines fall out of the rankings.

2. Alabama Crimson Tide (5-0)

Hey, uh Bama? You know you were supposed to destroy Kentucky right? I mean a blowout, shutout, riding up the score just for kicks and giggles kind of blowout. Sorry, but 34-6 isn't a blowout against a basketball school like Kentucky. Now, you take on three ranked teams back to back to back. These will make or break your season, Tide fans. Good luck, you're going to need it.

1. Clemson Tigers (5-0)

Clemson had probably one of the best games in 2016. It was a back and forth battle between DeShaun Watson and Lamar Jackson for Louisville, but Watson prevailed. However, he didn't look like himself number wise, especially in the interception department. Sure, 306 passing yards and 5 touchdowns are nice, but 3 interceptions didn't look good. Clemson now has the easiest road the the ACC Championship game, provided they don't slip up. Because of that schedule, if they struggle against these teams, don't be surprised if the Tigers fall out of the number one ranking. But right now, because of that classic of a game, Clemson ends Alabama's reign at the top!