Thank You, Detroit Lions

By Jim Kennedy
Jan. 02, 2017

Dear Detroit Lions,

Thank you, for doing what you do best. Taking a game with a division title, a chance to make history and erase a stigma of failure that's bigger than the Cleveland Browns, and blowing it at the last game of the season. You had the division wrapped up at 9-4, with three left to go. You had a chance to clinch at MetLife against the Giants, and lost. There was no way you could beat a resurgent Cowboys team with Dak and Zeke at the helm. So that meant that you had to win at home against Lion killer Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, with the NFC North championship on the line. 

Sounds simple? If you're a Lions fan, you know where this is going.

You blew it at home, to a ruckus standing room only crowd at Ford Field. You let Rodgers run over you with a monster truck. Remember the score: 31-24. I hope that score and that game haunts you for the rest of time. Worst of all, you let your destiny go on a date at that fancy restaurant in Greektown with that Cheesehead that you don't like. Now you're 9-7, the 6 seed in the division, and you think you're going to go into Seattle and beat the Seahawks? I just hope you guys put more points on the board than Ohio State did against Clemson!

It was a classic "same old Lions" fall from grace. Eight out of nine wins were come from behind in the 4th quarter (the lone one game was a drubbing against the Saints in New Orleans). You went 1-3 in the last four games, the only win coming against a Chicago Bears team that you had to come from behind to beat. But you had the division and you lost it. Same. Old. Lions.

I will admit that they exceeded my expectations. I had them going 8-8 at the most. I didn't expect Stafford to be a midseason MVP candidate, or Eric Ebron to get better. And yes, 9-7 is good, and you made the playoffs. But given the situation they were in earlier in the season, this is probably the only time that 9-7 and a playoff spot isn't good enough.

The fans hoped that this was the season of change. They prayed that on New Years Day, the Lions would FINALLY beat Aaron Rodgers in a game that meant so much. And as always, the Detroit Lions let themselves down, their fans down, an entire city down. Change has to wait a little longer, but hey, at least we're better than the Browns and 49ers combined this season.

Congratulations, Lions. You sure know how to stick it to your loyal fanbase.

P.S.: Good luck in your inevitable loss in Seattle. Don't forget the earplugs, it gets loud there sometimes!