Super Bowl Prediction

By Justin Miller
Jan. 30, 2018

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Justin Miller

Professor Rooke


2 February 2018

Patriots Super Bowl Preview

The Patriots will win Super Bowl 52. Once again as most people know the Patriots are back in the Super Bowl for an NFL record 10th time. This will be the 2nd time they are facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles and just like in 2005 Tom Brady is still the quarterback. I think the Patriots will win this game by a score of 27 to 20. This would be their largest margin of victory in a Super Bowl. I think this game comes down to the quarterback play and defense. We all know that Tom is a better Quarterback than Nick Foles. Nick will have a solid game as the Patriots will have some trouble applying pressure to Foles. The Offensive Line for the Eagles is going to have a solid game. I think the Eagles will have their best offense come from their rushing attack. They have 2 solid Running Backs in Jay Ajayi and former Patriot, LeGarrette Blount. One of the best matchups in this game will be the Patriots cornerbacks against the Eagles Receivers. Philadelphia will have a decent game from their receivers and Tight End Zach Ertz will be tough to stop but I think the Eagles will stall a few times too many in the red zone. The Patriots will capitalize on some Philadelphia field goals and Tom Brady will have his way with the Eagles secondary. The toughest part in this game for the Patriots offense will be the Defensive Line. Brady is the quarterback you need in this situation as he will get the ball out of his hands early enough like he always does and this will help him not get hit as much throughout the game. I think the X Factor for the Patriots could be Dion Lewis. Dion did not have his best game against the Jaguars so look for him to bounce back in this game. Rob Gronkowski should be cleared to play and this will help spread the field for the Patriots offense. My prediction for Brady is that he will go 31 for 43 with 297 yards and 2 touchdowns. I think the Eagles best performer will be Jay Ajayi as he will run for 87 yards on 17 carries. Nick Foles will be solid but not good enough to stop the Patriots from winning their 3rd Super Bowl in 4 years for the 2nd time in the history of the franchise.

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