C'mon Man

Are we all serious right now?  Are we seriously getting mad at Draymond Green for what he did, especially after receiving his punishment?  Are we seriously not looking outside of the box at why this was probably the least flagrant, flagrant foul in NBA history?  Here's why:

A) Let's compare the nut crunchers for a moment, as in which is worse.  Draymond clearly flop-kicked Steven Adams in the groin, resulting in him going down .  OR LeBron steps over Draymond, which is the most disrespectful thing you can do in basketball by the way, and Draymond hits him in the nuts.  Stepping over anything puts your balls at risk, let alone it being Draymond Green.

B) LeBron James showed no ill-effects of being hit in the balls.  Self-explanatory, as all men know: either he doesn't have them or didn't get hit there.

C) Why did LeBron downplay the "ball-kicking" to the camera, then really push the league office to get a suspension for him?  Because, if you check Bleacher Report, read a title that says something similar to "Draymond Suspension May Be the Kick Start the Cavaliers Need".  Duh, that's why this is a huge deal, and why I believe this:

D) The NBA is rigged in one of two ways, the latter being the more likely.  1) It's Golden Boy LeBron needs more rings to get himself in a legitimate conversation with some of the greatest players of all time.  2) The NBA is dying to get more money from the playoffs, as this is probably the worst postseason (outside of the OKC-GS series) in NBA history.  C'mon, look at the whole first round, and oustide of the Clippers (who lost Chris Paul and Blake Griffin) everything went as projected.  Same with the second round, outside of OKC.  Matter of fact, Oklahoma City is the only thing that made these playoffs remotely exciting.  So thank you, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant.  But you weren't enough for the money hungry NBA revenue, and while a potential for game 6 and game 7 make the NBA millions, it may cost a true champion, although it's still a small chance, a championship.  

Depending on how game 5 turns out, and if it results in the Cavaliers winning the series, I'm done with the NBA.  If it's clear Draymond Green makes the difference in game 5, the NBA is officially rigged.