Three Brief Thoughts

By woyafa8
Jan. 17, 2017

Here is my next three brief thoughts, starting off with what Golden State is currently doing to Cleveland on TNT.  I will admit, the score probably won't be a 35 point differential when all is said and done, but my God, what a display!  My second thought is on the AFC title game, and why I think the Steelers really don't have as much of a chance as people think.  I will finish off with my thoughts on who is the biggest threat to the Kansas Jayhawks in the Big 12.  Here, we, go.

The lead has fallen to 32 now, in the Cavs-Warriors regular season matchup in Golden State, and as far as I'm concerned, don't ever count out the Cavaliers.  Even if they are down 3-0 playing in the Oracle the next two, don't count them out.  With that being said, the Warriors are clearly the better team, and it shouldn't be shocking.  The Warriors not only have the better overall record, but they were much, much closer to winning in Cleveland on Christmas than the Cavs are winning now.  If the Warriors end up blowing this, ignore everything I say, but my rule of thumb is, if you are down by more points than there are minutes left to play, you have a very small chance.  If it's 1.5 points times minutes left, it becomes much harder, which is where the Cavs are now.  
Anyways, on another thought, I don't understand why teams in the East, such as the Atlanta Hawks, decide to help Cleveland get better.  Why do you virtually give away Kyle Korver for free to your nemesis?  It just does not make sense to me, as you are trying to make a run, while letting the rich get richer.  Maybe LeBron really is in control of the league.

On another note, since I always do the Packers' games and what I think about them, I usually ignore everything else.  Since I believe that the Packers are much more of a favorite than people think this weekend, however, I am going to spend a little bit of time focusing on the AFC Championship, featuring the New England Patriots taking on the Pittsburgh Steelers at home.  Oh, and I don't think Pittsburgh has much of a chance, and I'm fine with it, since Pittsburgh has a vengeful feeling towards the Packers from Super Bowl 45 (I'm very superstitious). 
The Chiefs did New England a huge favor, they diagrammed how to stop three of the four "Killer B's", Ben, Brown and Bell.  They failed to stop the fourth, kicker Chris Boswell, but c'mon, they didn't allow a touchdown by that "dynamic" offense.  If I'm Bill Belichick, I'm looking at what the Chiefs did, and I'm going to execute it with Patriots' beauty.  Don't expect Boswell to bail out the Steelers' offense, and Tom Brady is a different animal than Alex Smith.  I'm not giving a score prediction, but expect it to not be as close as the NFC Championship.

As I watch the Kansas Jayhawks hold the second longest winning streak in the NCAA, I wonder how anybody else is going to stop Bill Self from winning his 312th consecutive Big 12 regular season championship.  Kansas has not lost since the season opener, and are alone atop the Big 12 standings with zero losses.  This isn't the most talented Jayhawk team I have seen, especially in recent years, but the Big 12 also is not as strong top-to-bottom as it has been.  Texas and Oklahoma are no threat, Iowa State is way too guard heavy to be a true threat, and I just have a feeling that Baylor is not who they seem to be (look at West Virginia).  Speaking of the Mountaineers, they are probably the only threat to Kansas, as they have the depth and experience combo to threaten Kansas.  Honestly, all it takes is a miracle victory by someone else and a 1-1 record against the Jayhawks to win the Big 12, and only West Virginia and Kansas still has that opportunity.  Most likely, Self will win number 312, but it's always fun to pretend otherwise.