Carlyle Cardinals 19U Softball Season Preview

This upcoming season is looking to be promising for the Carlyle under 19 softball team, who finished second in the league last season. "This year is our year," says pitcher Katie Rowley. Rowley, one of the teams main pitchers, is coming off another good season and will look to continue her success this year. Carlyle's other main pitcher Kailyn Wilson, is also coming off a good season where she pitched in many big games and is expected to be heavily relied on once again this season.

Carlyle's has lot's of talent outside of pitching as well, such as Madison Riddell, Alexis Thompson and Kiara Scammell just too name a few. All three of these girls were among the leaders in team homerun's last season and will look to keep the power surge going.

As for the fielding, Katie Wilson is looking to continue her reputation as one of the teams top defenders as she had the least amount of errors on the team last season, and also caught a ball with her bare hand! Practices are hopefully to get underway in the next couple of weeks, so the team can be on their way to a successful season.

All in all, it looks like it could be a very promising year, for Carlyle Cardinals softball!