6 Ways to Improve Running Speed

Aug. 11, 2019

Whether you are an experienced runner or a beginner, you surely want to improve your Speed in the best possible way. There are multiple ways which can help you in the process of improving speed. For the beginners two things are highly concerned and that are running faster and farther. But for this, they have to work to improve their skills in the best possible way. We have brought the best tips for you which will surely work for you in a better way.

Here we have brought some of the most effective ways which will help you to increase your running speed in the best possible way.

1. Focus on Strength Training

When you are going to do it in the right way then you can easily experience all of the amazing benefits of strength training. It will make your legs stronger and will help them to experience injury-free and faster running in the best possible way. Even more, you also need to work for the upper body strength to maintain your mechanism and form.

2. Choose the Right Running Shoes

Having a good and comfortable pair of shoes can help you to go farther and faster in the best possible way. While starting your running practice it is highly important to buy a good pair of running shoes. Golden goose sneakers can help you to improve the effectiveness of your running training because these are perfectly comfortable and come with an affordable price range.

3. Trail Training Can Be Effective

If you are looking for the best ways to improve your running speed then it is highly recommended for you to experience the advantage of uneven surface. Every surface contains some unique challenges, so it is highly important for you to let your body learn how to react to them unconsciously. To get more strength and speed in your running you must practice trail running.

4. Run for a Longer Time at least once in a Week

Well, endurance is everything which is needed if you want to increase the running speed. So, if you are thinking that how you can achieve endurance then it is highly important for you to run for a longer time at least once in the entire week. Most importantly, add some time to your run every week to experience more effectiveness in the best possible way. It is because long-runs can help you to develop effective aerobic capacity. It will help you to gain more energy and ultimately will make the cardiovascular system of your body more efficient.

5. Stretch Before You Start Running

It is highly important to work for some time to loosen your muscles before starting running or any other exercise. This will help you to prevent injuries and will decrease the risk of cramps while running. You can perform a set of walking lunges. Take a large forward step from any of your leg and extend the second leg behind you. Bend yourself down until the thigh of the front leg comes parallel to the ground. Repeat the same step for both legs for effective stretchiness.

6. Plyometric Training

When we break it down to the very basic elements then running is also a form of jumping. During running, we jump from our one foot to another. Fortunately, there exists a training program which can cover this fact and that is known as Plyometric training. It is a type of exercise and has plenty of benefits to offer. Even more, various research results have proved that plyometric training is cable of improving agility, speed, and endurance in the best possible way. However, this training needs a little time. You just have to spend 10 to 15 minutes on some plyo moves after your regular exercise to improve your speed in an effective way.


Increasing running speed is highly important for you even if you are being prepared for a marathon or just going to sign up for your first 10km race. Most of the people out there are present who wants to be a great runner including me. Well, if you are also looking for a great guideline to improve your running speed then you are perfectly at the right place because these tips can work great for everyone.