Why Kobe Bryant is the Greatest NBA Player?

Aug. 24, 2019

Kobe Bryant is without any doubt one of the best and most popular NBA players which most of the people knew very well. Because of the amazing way of playing in the court he has created a cult-like following which is known as “Kobestans”. The main motive of the Kobestanian argument is to keep Kobe Bryant involved in all of the conversations related to the greatest player of the basketball of all the time. Kobe Bryant is still the greatest player of all the time and Michael Jordan has effective reasons to let the people know why Kobe Bryant is still the greatest and highest-ranked NBA player.

Most of the NBA Fans may have a concept in their minds at the present time that Kobe Bryant has been suppressed by LeBron James in the all-the-time ranking. It may be because James has led his teams to the consecutive NBA finals and the count is just equal to the number of teams which Bryant went to during his career of 20 years. Even more, James has a better lead in all of the major statistical categories as compared to Kobe. But still, one of the NBA figures still has ranked Kobe Bryant above as compared to James and this NBA figure is Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has many reasons to rank Kobe Bryant as the greatest NBA player.

Well, when it comes to the greatest player of NBA then no one can compete Kobe Bryant. But still, there are a lot of people out who want to know the reasons why Kobe Bryant is still being known as the greatest player in the NBA.

Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports
Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Kobe is an Amazing Clutch Shooter

Some of the people may have a mindset that the clutch shooting is being overrated but in reality, these are some amazing game-winning shots which have the ability to affect the reputation of the NBA player in a great way. Although James has been received plenty of flack from the NBA fans in recent years for his inability to come through the clutch shooting. However, Bryant is popular for wanting the ball in his own hands always at the end of every close game. Even more, in a survey, more than 48% of the people said that they want to see Bryant to take a shot with the game on the line.

Kobe Always Wants to Create More Opportunity

One thing which only Kobe Bryant has the ability to do while no other NBA player can I creating more opportunities for the ball with himself while playing. The man is truly capable of putting an amazing show. Bryant can pull up for the basketball jumper with two defenders. Although it can’t be the right play always but it is highly entertaining. It truly needs a special vision not only to see and understand this type of court vision but Kobe Bryant always has the ability to create those tough shots

The Performance of Kobe Bryant

His amazing performance ever for worse and better in his more than 20 years career has been of intensity, extent and amount which is considerably above the levels of average and normal. Even, when he was being considered as of-ability, the ambiance and quality of the game were considerable. He is holding some noble records due to which he is still being recognized as the greatest player of the NBA.

When it comes to becoming the best then it is all about to achieve greatness. Almost every NBA fan can say without any hesitation that Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant who has announced his retirement recently is truly an awesome and one of the greatest players who had played great NBA games. It might get trickier to explain his best career in words to the next generations, but it is quite a clear fact that there is a lot of things to discuss Bryant which he has done in and out the court.

Kobe Bryant is perfectly a talented player in his own game. He is simply great and undeniable. However, due to his retirement announcement, he has no long time to grow now but still, he is the NBA player which will rule the hearts of his fans for years.