College Football Championship Repeat: Alabama vs. Clemson

By Kate Liming
Jan. 10, 2017

Alabama has been able to win four of the last seven national championships in college football. Clemson's last and only championship came in 1981 when they beat Nebraska 22-15. When the Crimson Tide and Tigers faced each other in last year's national championship game it was not an easy battle for either team even though Alabama won 45-40. Head coach Nick Saban and Alabama went 13-1 that season while Dabo Swinney and Clemson had a clean 14-0 season. However, this season Clemson went 13-1 while Alabama went 14-0. Alabama is favored to win by 6, but I think Clemson has some tricks up their sleeves for tonight. 

Deshaun Watson has said that when he looks back at last year's championship game he is reminded of all the confetti that fell on him but for the wrong reason. Alabama head coach Nick Saban told the media that Deshaun Watson is the best college football player right now for his respective position, team, and overall, "I thought he played fantastic against us last year," Alabama coach Nick Saban said of Watson. "He may be arguably the best player in college football. The guy is very athletic. He's got a great understanding of their offense. He does a really good job of executing for his team. He can extend plays. He can run. He can run quarterback runs. And he's a terrific passer. I mean, he is the complete package."

Alabama has a true freshman quarterback, which they haven't had since Vince Sutton in 1984. Jalen Hurts in only a 18 year old freshman who could become the second true freshman quarterback to win a national championship, the first true freshman quarterback to do so was Oklahoma's Jamelle Holieway. Hurts is a quiet kid on the field, but he knows how to run the ball to the end zone when need be, and when he does, he's not surprised. Deshaun Watson has been one of the most dominant players in college as Saban said, but because of Alabama's defense, Watson will have to run the ball a lot. 

Speaking of Alabama's defense, that is the key factor in this game. If Clemson wants a shot at winning this game, they can't allow Alabama to score on defense. Everyone is aware that Alabama's defense is the best in the country and has been for many years. The defensive players who are recruited to play for Alabama are monsters, and any team who plays Alabama fears that. 

If Clemson wins, they will be the first time since Florida State to lose a champion one year and comeback to win the following year. If any team can beat Alabama, it's going to be Clemson, and that's who I'm hoping will win this championship game. But if Alabama wins, which is most likely to happen again, Saban will have won six college football championships.